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The Schmersal Group Implements SEHO Systems’ PowerWave

Oct 14, 2009

ERLANGER, KY ? October 2009 ? SEHO Systems GmbH, a leading worldwide soldering provider, announces that The Schmersal Group recently chose SEHO’s PowerWave for its new Electronic Manufacturing Plant in Boituva, Brazil.

The Schmersal Group, one of the largest suppliers of safety switch devices in the world, develops and produces a range of approximately 25,000 different switchgear and control devices. In 2008, when Schmersal opened its Electronic Manufacturing Plant in Boituva, it recognized a need for power and flexibility in wave soldering.

“We chose SEHO’s PowerWave because it offers remarkable performance and fast return on investment. The PowerWave is a high-quality addition to our plant, with superior German manufacturing,” said Adriano Fragoso, production manager at Schmersal.

With the PowerWave, complex SMD boards are as reliably soldered as conventional assemblies, as a result of up-to-date solder nozzle geometries and a flexible preheat area. The Schmersal Group chose the PowerWave for its flexible preheat configuration.

The segmented conveyor from SEHO introduces a new process parameter compared to other systems. The preheat conveyor speed is independent of the solder wave conveyor speed, separating the preheat profile from the contact time in the wave. The preheat time is independent from the machine length, giving the machine a much smaller footprint than other machines on the market

Depending on production requirements, SEHO’s PowerWave may be equipped with a chain/finger conveyor system or with a solder frame conveyor for processing pallets. The heart of the machine ?the soldering area ? is designed with a degree of flexibility, capable of performing all soldering operations.

SEHO has a unique solder nozzle called the Energy 45 Wave. Made especially for lead-free processes, the nozzle increases energy transfer, which helps improve production in Schmersal’s manufacturing plant. The innovative solder nozzle, with single or dual solder nozzle technology, provides ideal soldering results.

The modular construction of the SEHO PowerWave offers the ideal concept for all production requirements, allowing the machine to be integrated into existing fully automated production lines. The inlet of the conveyor is a zero degree angle and the transfer to any supply conveyor is simple.

Prior to working with SEHO, Adriano worked at one of the largest subcontractors in Brazil. He has worked with many other traditional wave solder machines in the past, but decided that SEHO’s new generation machines were a better fit for the Schmersal Group. In less than a year, SEHO and Schmersal have developed a successful partnership, supported by SEHO’s local Rep, SMTECH, in Brazil. For more information about the Schmersal Group, visit

For more information about SEHO Systems GmbH, visit

About SEHO Systems GmbH

Since its foundation in 1973, SEHO has become the worldwide contact partner whenever soldering is involved. Company solutions are based on performance, flexibility, efficiency and technical progress. SEHO’s business activities and production organization are oriented according to the principles of sustained future-compatible development and production of machines. As a result, all applicable environmental standards are complied with meticulously. With its systems, the company provides customers with a sustained and resource economizing production facility. It continuously develops its technology in order to provide customers with a competitive advantage. For more information, visit

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