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Oct 14, 2009

Machine Vision Lights

Machine Vision Lights

The E-commerce enabled website, http://www.lddlight.com, was launched on Oct. 6, 2009 by LDD Trading Associates, LLC. This unique partnership of US and Japanese machine vision professionals is offering hundreds of LED machine vision lights to the US marketplace. Combining decades of experience in Asia and North America, this E-commerce facility will bring high quality LED products at a good price to the Machine Vision market in North America.

At LDDLIGHT.com, you will find lighting designs, functional graphs, specifications, and technical information to help in choosing the correct lighting technique. Then browse through the large variety of sizes and wavelengths and choose the correct model. Add the accessories for optics, cables and power. Now that your decision making process is complete, you can buy right there, online and immediate.

About LDD Trading Associates, LLC

The LDD partners are:

  • Marcel Laflamme, former Manager for NERLITE

  • Sheila Dunn, former Engineering Manager for NERLITE

  • Greg Dwyer, former Product Manager for NERLITE

  • Sachio Kiura, President of Symco Corp.

  • Mamoru Tanaka, President of IMAC, Co., Ltd

LDD’s headquarters are at 119B Emerson Road, Milford, NH 03055.

LDD can be reached at sales@lddlight.com, 603-732-0057 or FAX to 603-732-0058.

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