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MYDATA has qualified solder paste from Alpha and AIM for Jet Printing

Sep 26, 2009

MYDATA announces that the two leading solder paste partners, Alpha and AIM, releases solder paste designed and qualified for the MYDATA MY500 Jet Printer.

“Jet printing demand continues to be strong despite general weak market conditions. We have increased sales with 50% this year and we see a continued strong interest in our technology”, says Robert Gothner, Vice President Marketing and Sales. “We are proud to announce that two of the leading solder paste manufacturers, Alpha and AIM, have now released new solder pastes qualified for the MY500 Jet Printer”, continues Robert Gothner.

“Jet printing opens up many new design opportunities for the customer” says Mitch Holtzer, Global Product Manager, Cookson Elelctronics.

“Jet printing is a perfect technology for customers that operate in a high mix production environment”, says Andrew Clarke, European Business Manager at AIM.

Both Alpha and AIM will sell and distribute their solder paste directly to customers.

The MYDATA Jet Printer is also compatible with solder paste from Senju and Almit as well as SMA from Heraeus.

MYDATA automation designs, manufactures and markets SMT process equipment for the electronics industry. Its mission is to be always innovating – in order to satisfy the electronic industry’s need for surface mount technology and services that meet the highest demands in terms of productivity and quality.

Based on a modular hardware and software design, MYDATA equipment has been developed for flexibility and high-yield production over time. By focusing on faster changeovers and set-ups, and on achieving the lowest possible cost per mounted component, MYDATA has built a strong customer base and long-term relationships with customers in countries throughout the world.

Sweden-based MYDATA has a worldwide sales and customer support network with subsidiaries in the

Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Japan, China and Singapore.

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