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Zurvahn Revolutionizes the LVHM and NPI Marketplace with a New “Scalable Open Door Partnership” Program

Sep 13, 2009

COCONUT CREEK, FL — September 2009 — Zurvahn, providing Flexibility, Speed and Focus to its customers, announces that the company has revolutionized the Low-Volume High-Mix (LVHM) and New Product Introduction (NPI) marketplaces with its new “Scalable Open Door Partnership” program.

Zurvahn is an EMS provider for mid- to low-volume products and NPI to OEMs worldwide. Zurvahn accomplishes this by assisting its customers design reliable products, manufacture products cost effectively, lower inventory requirements, and deliver quality products and services on time.

Zurvahn calls the unique value proposition for OEM customers the “Scalable Open Door Partnership” program. The Scalable Partnership program, gives OEM customers a clear “path-to-volume” from local or regionalized manufacturing sites all the way through high-volume low-cost (HVLC) manufacturing throughout the world. Zurvahn provides a unique solution by partnering with Tier 1 EMS providers who have significant idle production capacity in low-cost countries. Partnering is not a new concept in the EMS marketplace, but the Zurvahn “Scalable Open Door” Partnership program is. What makes it so unique is that now the OEM can develop their products in local manufacturing sites with Zurvahn. Zurvahn will then willingly transfer the OEM product to a Tier 1 CM who can provide HVLC manufacturing.

With Zurvahn specializing in only LVHM and NPI, the company puts its manufacturing sites as close to the OEM customers as possible and then invites the Tier 1 EMS providers of the OEM’s choice into their manufacturing site when developing and building the product.

Benefits to Zurvahn customers:

  • Provides local Engineering, Prototyping & LVHM manufacturing through Zurvahn

  • Provides a Scalable “Path-To-Volume” production solution through Tier 1 CMs

  • Provides both the customer and Tier 1 CM “Scalable Open Door” access to Zurvahn’s entire manufacturing site

  • Provides a “seamless” transfer for customers into LCHV manufacturing

  • Benefits Tier 1 CM partners by providing them with access to emerging customers that have unique innovative technologies

  • Customers through this “Scalable Open Door” business model get access to Tier 1 manufacturing through Zurvahn when they normally cannot because their volumes do not meet the Tier 1 CM’s requirements

      For more information about this unique business model and how it can help you scale and get to the marketplace fast, contact Zurvahn at +1.954.570.5565; or

      About Zurvahn

      Zurvahn is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on delivering LVHM and NPI manufacturing solutions to technology companies throughout North America. Zurvahn service offerings include innovative product design and engineering, test solutions, manufacturing, logistics and post-manufacturing repair/warranty services. Zurvahn also offers customers the “Best in Class” Material Handling Solutions through Inovision. Inovision is a proprietary Web-based Material Handling System (MHS) that is designed specifically for the unique challenges of LVHM and NPI manufacturing

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