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DKL Metals Is the Only UK Licensed Source for SN100C Lead-Free Solder

Aug 22, 2009

August 2009 — DKL Metals Ltd., the largest UK solder manufacturer, confirms that it is the only UK licensed manufacturer of the most popular, proven lead-free solder solution: SN100C Lead-Free Solder.

A variety of look-alikes to SN100C are being promoted as fully compatible with existing baths of SN100C. Although the various names being used may look similar, all of these alloys contain additional alloying elements to the proven, patented SNCuNiGe mix, none of which have any long-term user or reliability data to support their claims, nor any pedigree user lists .

When SN100C was being developed, many other elements were looked at and rejected as having potential issues in long-term reliability and soldering uniformity. Offers by non-license holders to return failed baths to the original SN100C mix have no validity as existing international patents would be violated

DKL Metals is the UK and Ireland licensed manufacturer for Nihon Superior Co. Ltd.’s SN100C unique stabilized tin-copper-nickel+ germanium eutectic lead-free alloy system, with access to its Global technical network. SN100C has been in commercial production of printed circuit boards for more than 10 years, and SN100CL in hot air leveling for over five years throughout the world. It is recognized among the most successful, technically proven lead-free solders in use globally today.

In addition to SN100C, DKL Metals is licensed to manufacture E-Qual 97TSC (SAC305) Lead-Free Solder and E-Qual 96TSC (SAC387) Lead-Free Solder, both of which are used successfully throughout the world in a wide variety of lead-free soldering applications

About DKL Metals Ltd.

Established in 1986 as an independent manufacturer of tin/lead alloys, DKL Metals Ltd. has grown to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high purity solders and alloys — manufactured in accordance with national and international standards or customer proprietary specifications. It is DKL Metals’ policy to pursue the highest standards of quality and consistency to satisfy the varied and exacting demands of the modern manufacturing industry. In recognition of pending EU legislation to remove lead and other harmful materials under RoHS, DKL Metals formed a number of strategic alliances with like-minded independent companies and, in 2002, signed a manufacturing license with Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. of Japan to produce its SN100 range of lead-free solders. At this time they also formally linked up with Balver Zinn of Germany and a year later with FCTA, USA offering customers a global supply network of lead-free solutions.

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