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Balver Zinn Group Launches New No-Clean VOC-Free Flux

May 20, 2009

Breda, Holland � May 2009 � Cobar BV, a member of the Balver Zinn Group, announces the launch of Cobar 396-DRX, a new VOC-Free Flux. This RoHS compliant flux fulfills the need for more environmental-friendly materials, maintaining excellent soldering performance.

According to IPC � J-STD-004 the Cobar 396-DRX is classified as ORL0. It contains no halides and is based on a water carrying system that will provide advantages in transportation and storage conditions and eliminate fire risks. Operators will also appreciate that it provides an odourless flux solution.

The thermally stable Cobar 396-DRX offers a wide process window with top-side preheat temperatures of up to 150�C. Due to the strong thermal resistance, this flux can be utilized in a very broad range of applications, such as high thermal mass and heavy multi-layer products which require extended and higher soldering conditions. The Cobar 396-DRX activation system eliminates bridging and provides excellent through-hole filling for lead-free as well as leaded applications.

After soldering the Cobar 396-DRX flux produces extremely clean PCB surfaces, leaving no visible residues. For companies looking for continuous improvement of quality into their processes and reducing manufacturing costs, Cobar 396-DRX is the most practical solution.

Stan Renals, Managing Director - CEO Cobar Division: �We are well aware that manufacturers have several options when it comes to fulfilling their flux requirements. When it comes to developing a new product, first and foremost we must ensure that it will offer a positive impact on the manufacturing process and, just as importantly, that it will deliver in a cost-effective package. Only then will we bring a new product to market. We have delivered on all the criteria we have set ourselves with this new product and early indications show that it is well received in the industry.�

About Cobar Europe

Cobar, a member of the Balver Zinn Group, was founded in 1983 in Holland, and has been a recognized global supplier of solder paste, solder fluxes and related materials for electronics assembly. Cobar Europe BV is known in Europe as the leader in lead-free and VOC-free soldering materials. Cobar is accredited to the prestigious ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management Standard. Cobar includes Cobar Europe BV in Holland, Cobar Solder Products Inc., NH, USA, plus several joint ventures and licensed manufacturing partnerships around the world.

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