PCB manufacturer directory

Apr 14, 2009

PCB Partner(http://www.pcbpartner.com) has a supplier database with thousands of suppliers. There is contact information, company introduction, and process capability information of each PCB manufacturer which is publicly collected and then verified by our staff. Suppliers can complete the process capability to get more fit business.

In accordance with Spec information such as layer count, trace width, trace spacing, drill size and business information such as due date, shipping method, place of delivery, the system will search the manufacturers who are most suitable to manufacture the PCB. The list of suppliers is provided according to our matching rules which are designed by our experienced Engineers with the advices of many PCB professionals. In the list, you can directly login to the websites of suppliers, or send your inquiry directly to your intended suppliers. Then, the supplier will make offers to you immediately. Thus, speeds up the business transaction.

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PCB manufacturer directory

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