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Ovation Products celebrates SMT Vision Award win for innovative dispensing technology

Apr 09, 2009

The team at Ovation Products has much to celebrate at this year's Apex exhibition, not least being named as an SMT Vision Award winner in recognition of its innovative dispensing technology, Stinger�. Presented to Ovation Products Chief Technology Officer, Charlie Moncavage, during a ceremony at Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Hotel on March 30th, the award reinforces Stinger's ability to transform conventional print platforms into dual function systems.

The 17th Annual SMT Vision Awards honoured achievement and industry leadership in 18 specialist areas, including the Dispensing Equipment category won by Ovation's Stinger technology. As part of this group, Stinger was judged on its ability to deliver innovation, cost-effectiveness, speed/throughput improvements, quality, ease-of-use, maintainability and environmental benefits. Emerging victorious in this category, the SMT Award-winning product was judged the most innovative and useful tool in its field for the surface mount electronics assembly sector.

Commenting on the award, Ovation's Neil McRaild explained: �We're delighted to win this award and value its reflection of the huge potential Stinger represents for our customers around the world. Launched live at Apex, Stinger extends screen printing equipment utilization beyond conventional limits by transforming conventional platforms into dual function systems. It substantially enhances machine capability by enabling on-board dispensing to save floor space and reduce equipment costs. It's a perfect solution for today's complex production challenges, delivering the very best in performance and cost-of-ownership � and it seems the SMT Vision Award judges agree!�

A compact and versatile dispenser, Stinger is easily integrated into the screen printer alongside the machine's vision system. The Stinger dispensing module operates just as an in-line dispenser would; once the PCB is screen printed, it is lowered down to vision height where Stinger can then accurately dispense adhesive or paste using industry standard materials cartridges. By enabling a dispensing process on board the printing system, Stinger is ideal for mixed technology boards � saving valuable floor space and reducing equipment costs for ongoing productivity. For more information visit

About Ovation Products

Ovation Products is an advanced technology developer placing particular emphasis on engineering solutions that improve equipment efficiency, enhance productivity and lower overall cost of ownership. Pioneer of the award-winning Grid-Lok�, HD Grid-Lok�, Magna-Print� and Stinger� technologies, Ovation Products has OEM partnerships with many market-leading equipment suppliers. The company's proven technology solutions are installed at high-profile OEM and EMS manufacturing sites worldwide.

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