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Totech Super DryR will launch a new process for MSD storage and drying at APEX in Las Vegas

Mar 28, 2009

MSD handling specialist and global manufacturer of ultra low humidity drying and storage cabinets Totech Super DryR ( will introduce an MSD handling process next week proven to dry components at accelerated rates equivalent to vacuum ovens, but without the oxidation problems associated with traditional component baking.

Designed to exceed the formidable challenges associated with IPC J-STS-033B.1 for handling of Moisture Sensitive Devices, the new Model XSD 702 on display at booth #234 complements its XSD 1404 predecessor introduced earlier to significant acclaim. Totech Super Dry desiccant cabinets offer a host of premium performance features never before available that have been proven to reduce device drying times without oxidation. MSL 5, 1.4mm components can be completely dried in 24 hours. All Super Dry products deploy self-regenerating desiccant, widely regarded as the safest, most reliable, energy-efficient and virtually maintenance free dehumidifying technology available.

An all new U-5000 Zeolite drying unit in the XSD Series achieves humidity levels of under 0.5% RH which, combined with an integrated precision heating system delivering a highly stable profile throughout the enclosure, successfully combats the oxidation inherent in traditional component baking. And because the temperatures utilized are relatively low, even taped reels can be effectively dried without damage to the tape.

The XSD Series cabinets are heavily insulated, consume a fraction of the energy of baking ovens, and are equipped with a host of additional features including precision measurement, 24/7 data logging and an ergonomic touch screen operator interface. Learn more at

About Totech Super DryR

Delivering globally to the world's top tier OEM and EMS companies, and manufacturing in Asia and in Europe, Totech Super Dry has become the industry measure for ultra low humidity storage cabinets. Proper control of moisture sensitive devices (MSDs) per IPC and JEDEC standards has become more critical than ever since the introduction of lead free and its higher reflow temperatures. Boasting <1% relative humidity control and the fastest recovery times, Super Dry cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, all with certified performance control measures.

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