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Aqueous Technologies Introduces Zero-Ion g3

Mar 25, 2009

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA � March 2009 � Specifically cited in MIL-2000A, the Zero-Ion ionic contamination tester is one of the industry's most popular Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE) testers.�IPC-001 and IPC TM650 recognize ROSE testing as an approved method of determining the cleanliness of circuit assemblies.��

Today, in an environment where densely populated surface mount technology has become commonplace, and where ISO, TQM, Six Sigma, and other quality standards are commonplace, cleanliness verifications are frequently required and essential.�

The Zero-Ion has been in constant production since the 1980s.�Thousands of customers rely on the Zero-Ion to determine the final cleanliness of post-reflow circuit assemblies as well as bare boards. The Zero-Ion g3 is the newest, most advanced Zero-Ion ever designed.

The Zero-Ion g3 is powered by a Windows-based PC for unerring accuracy.�A large 19" (48 cm) LCD user interface provides clear, organized real-time process information.�Intuitive tabbed display screens conveniently organize both stored and real-time process data.�Built-in SPC data recording captures all relevant testing data.�An integrated SPC database lookup allows users to search for desired data sets, including SPC results by date range, recipe name, board serial number, etc. Cleanliness results may be stored for later viewing or may be printed onto any Windows compatible printer.�Additionally, the Zero-Ion g3 may be networked for remote viewing of all SPC data.

An optional barcode scanner provides one-touch entry of a board's serial number or other process data.�

The Zero-Ion Ionic Contamination Tester meets industrial cleanliness specifications including MIL-STD-2000A, MIL-P-28809, IPC-TM-650, and ANSI/J-STD-001B, IPC-TM650.

The submerged sprays provide excellent agitation of the test solution while eliminating test inaccuracies caused by carbon dioxide adsorption associated with other open-air spray systems.� The combination of test-board submersion and immersion spraying creates an environment whereby all of the soluble contamination is extracted and measured.� It is this immersion spraying action that gives the Zero Ion system its superiority in ionic contamination detection.

Modern cleanliness testing frequently requires the testing of assemblies reflowed with no-clean solder paste.� Unlike other less sensitive static-based systems, the Zero-Ion g3 cleanliness tester uses a dynamic measurement technology, the method of choice for detecting (weak) ion activators commonly found in no-clean fluxes.� With dynamic measurement technology, the contaminated test solution is monitored and then filtered to supply de-ionized test solution back to the test chamber, resulting in greater solubility/sensitivity.�The increased solubility eliminates the �saturation limit effect� associated with other static measurement methods.

Unlike other systems that require heated test solution, the Zero-Ion performs all tests at ambient temperature, eliminating the need for heaters and their associated safety concerns.��Ambient temperature testing also reduces machine startup times and test solution evaporation.

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