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Mar 20, 2009

Teknek, the global leader in contact cleaning technology, is to launch no fewer than six new products at the IPC/Apex show in Las Vegas.

The company is marking its 25th anniversary with the new product line-up for all sectors of the electronics industry including at least four industry-firsts.

Teknek's Surface Mount Clean Machine (SMT09), designed for the electronics assembly market, has not only undergone a redesign but it now incorporates full static monitoring to ensure that static levels on outgoing boards are below levels pre-set by the customer. This machine is combined with Nanocleen�, the world's first silicone free contact cleaning system which not only offers unprecedented cleaning performance but also dissipates static.

Aimed at sheet cleaning (PCB) production, the CM8 2009 builds on the success of the CM8 which is in use in thousands of locations worldwide. New options include a thin film module and Nanocleen� cleaning core.

Where the cost of a contact cleaning machine cannot be justified, in low volume applications for example, Teknek has introduced the first low cost table-top double-sided clean machine. The DeskTop Clean Machine offers Nanocleen� performance in a compact low cost package. This semi-automatic compact sheet cleaner offers increased process productivity against traditional hand roller systems.

For single sided manual cleaning, Teknek unveils the semi-automatic FastPad with ergonomic cleaning handle. The new DCR has been designed to comply with widely recognised �hand tool� ergonomic standards, eliminating fatigue and reducing the risk of injuries such as carpal tunnel and repetitive strain.

Teknek will be inviting visitors to take the Adhesive Challenge � those that succeed at the challenge will win a gift from Scotland.

The Nanocleen� contact cleaning system was launched by Teknek following five years of research and development and extensive testing with existing customers. The system is compatible with both old and new Teknek contact cleaning machines as well as other makes of contact cleaners using an optional update kit. Nanocleen� can remove particles down to 25nm in size, removes 25-50% more particles than other contact cleaners and reduces static by a factor of 10 compared to traditional contact cleaners.

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