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Model 6040 High Power Light Pulse Generator with Polarization Maintaining Fiber

Mar 20, 2009

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) announces the latest developments in precise light pulse generation. Our Model 6040 with optical plug-ins from 650nm - 1580nm, now includes the option for Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Outputs. PM fiber is a technique used by the source laser manufacturers and the interconnecting fiber manufactures to optimize the optical throughput of the entire system. The fiber axis is aligned according to various keys and results in improved optical integrity, reductions in loss of optical power (measured in joules or milliwatts) and support of a single polarization state.

"We chose the most reliable PM type available, PANDA-PM, for our optical pulser. Users need signal stability, a trademark in the Berkeley Nucleonics product line", comments Mark Slattery, Application Engineer.

There are a variety of PM types available, each having their own properties. (See diagram) Because fibers are never perfectly symmetric, a PM-style device minimizes the modal birefringence which occurs in typical single-mode fibers. The technique incorporates boron-doped stress regions (or 'stress rods') in regions on either side of the fiber core.

The new line of BNC Light Pulse Generators provide up to 200 mW of controlled optical power, with pulse widths as low as 5 nS and adjustable amplitudes in 2 mW steps. The PANDA style PM fiber used in the pulse generators ensure outputs with highly quantifiable, repeatable properties. The family of optical pulse generators meets FDA regulations on laser safety and laser marketing protocols. The company also offers custom light pulse generator development for users needing unusual optical signal sources. For details, see or call 800-234-7858.


About Berkeley Nucleonics

Founded in 1963, BNC is an internationally recognized pioneer in the development of precision test, measurement and nuclear instrumentation. Headquartered in San Rafael, California, BNC also provides an accredited training program and a variety of calibration custom development services.

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