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NEW � SIPLACE X-Series Powered by SIPLACE CPP MultiStar

Mar 10, 2009

Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems will introduce the Siplace X-Series powered by the new Siplace CPP MultiStar placement head at APEX 2009 in Booth #1458. The new Siplace X-Series powered by Siplace MultiStar delivers the ideal combination of chip shooting speed along with extensive component range capability required for flexible end of line placement. This �all-in-one� solution, called Collect & Pick & Place (CPP) enables electronics manufacturers to simplify line setup and programming, eliminate the need for line reconfiguration or head changes, and ensures optimal line balancing for higher productivity and lower operational costs.

Siplace MultiStar is not only a new placement head � Siplace MultiStar raises the Siplace X-Series platform to a complete new level of performance and flexibility. Manufacturers will gain better line utilization through different placement modes and bottlenecks will be eliminated

The Siplace X-Series powered by the new Siplace MultiStar is the optimal solution in any manufacturing environment because it eliminates the need to continuously change out heads with each new product introduction. Line adaption can be done simply with software. No longer is there a need to keep additional placement heads in stock.

The Siplace X-Series powered by the new Siplace MultiStar breaks the paradigm between a chip shooter (usually working in a collect & Place mode) and end of line machine (with its pick & place mode) because you have the ability to run it as a chip shooter and then take the whole machine and redeploy it as an end of line machine without reconfiguring any heads.

The versatile Siplace MultiStar is a high-speed revolver head capable of placing up to 24,000 chips per hour with 12 nozzles for collect/place and a digital camera on the head for true vision on-the-fly. Components from 01005 up to 27mm� are placed at high speed using the camera on the head for component inspection and alignment. With an upward looking stationary camera in the machine, the same MultiStar head can also place larger components up to 40 x 50mm. There is no other placement head on the market today with this range of capability and speed. The Siplace X-Series powered by the new Siplace MultiStar is the best possible �all-in-one� line balancing solution for today's manufacturer.

We invite you to come see for yourself this next generation placement head and what it does for the SMT placement machine, the production line and, finally, for the entire electronics production on the Siplace X-Series on the Siemens Booth #1458 at APEX, March 30-April 2, 2009 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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