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Manncorp's APEX 'Show Stoppers' to Feature Special Savings plus New Rework Systems

Mar 09, 2009

Taking aim squarely at the weakened economy, Manncorp has announced substantially lower prices during APEX on two of its best-selling pick and place machines. The company will also unveil three rework stations designed to save time and dollars by reclaiming components and assemblies in-house that might have been previously discarded or sent to outside repair specialists.

The machines undergoing steep price cuts of $7,500 each are the high-mix flexible MC384, now $42,500, and the 5,500 cph MC 391 with dual vision heads is now $62,500. Both systems are expected to be exhibited at Manncorp booth #1885.

Three rework stations to be demonstrated at APEX include the latest generation lead-free Martin Expert 09.6, which automatically desolders, dispenses, solders and places SMDs. Also on hand will be the Martin 03.1 reballing / prebumping station that reconditions BGAs, CSPs and QFN devices. Manncorp will also conveniently source masks, fixtures and frames for this system. The Hot Beam Rapid IR Underheater is Martin's third product being showcased. It is for lead-free hand-soldering applications to quickly raise assemblies to safe preheat temperatures for faster processing and extended tip life. For more information, access

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