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Latest Generation of Ultra-low Humidity Desiccant Cabinets Debut at APEX Stand 2265

Mar 06, 2009

Totech American introduces the XD Series ultra-low humidity desiccant dry cabinets from XDry at APEX 2009. Every model in the XD Series brings with it a set of standard features normally available only as options on other drying cabinets. And they are backed by the experience of Totech America, supplier of dry cabinets in the Americas for over 7 years, a distribution partner with MSD handling specialists and drying cabinet developer XDry.

All XDry XD Series cabinets are based on the industry standard Zeolite, known as a molecular sieve, used to trap moisture in the contained dry cabinet environment. The regenerative properties of the Zeolite allow the XD Series cabinets to deliver a consistent relative humidity below 0.5%

Temperature and humidity levels are prominently displayed on each XD model as part of the flat membrane operator panel located on the front of the cabinet. Positive action, tactile buttons allow operators to set the appropriate alarm point for monitoring relative humidity from a distance. Each cabinet comes complete with stainless steel shelves, conductive glass doors, locking doors along with all surfaces coated with ESD safe paint. Larger systems include polyurethane casters for mobility on the manufacturing floor or in the stock room.

A N2 purge system, integrated heating units, multiple drying units to reduce recovery time and SMD component tape reel racks are a few of the options available for the XD cabinets. Systems can be configured with the required options at time of order, or retrofitted in the field without modifications to the existing cabinets.

About XDry

XDry is a leading designer and manufacturer of desiccant dry cabinets offering controlled humidity storage solutions to provide effective moisture control for active and passive components, bare and populated PCB's and substrates. We offer a complete line of dry cabinets in various standard styles and sizes from 5 to 50 cubic feet of storage space, with an effective operating range from 0.5% to 50% RH, designed to satisfy virtually every moisture control requirement. Custom designs can provide the perfect RH environment to suit any custom humidity control needs.

XDry Corporate office is located at 8275 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 200, Las Vegas NV 89123 and can be reached by calling 1-877-DRY-CABINET (1-877-379-2224) or (US) +1-702-938-0457, (UK) +44-(0)20-8133-4604, (HK) +852-8175-2558 or (Japan) +81-50-5806-9917 with direct sales offices in Montreal and Asia . And on the web at or by e-mail at

About Totech America

Totech America is the exclusive distributor of the XDry line of drying and humidity controlled cabinets in the Americas through independent manufactures representatives. Over 1000 cabinets have been installed in commercial and military customers such as Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Sanmina, Jabil, Celestica along with other OEM/ODM and EMS suppliers. Totech America offers a single-point of contact for sales, applications and support from their main offices in suburban Montreal.

Totech America can be reached on the web at, by calling 1-877-DRY-CABINET (1-877-379-2224) +1-514-227-7747 or by e-mail to

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