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Kester to Participate in Technical Conference at APEX 2009

Mar 05, 2009

ITASCA, IL � March 2009 � Kester is proud to announce that Peter Biocca and David Scheiner will hold a technical session titled �PCB Metalization� at the upcoming APEX Conference and Exhibition. Biocca, Kester's Senior Market Development Engineer, will be the moderator at the conference, which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 1, from 10:15�11:45 a.m. in the South Pacific room.

Metalization of PCB vias can be a challenge in the world of dense board features. Attend the session to hear about the problems and solutions of metalization with papers on via fill and copper wrap. The session also will discuss the importance of board metallization in relation to soldering with lead-free and leaded applications.

Many assembly issues and reliability issues can originate at the board metallization level. A clear understanding of the choices available, and the pros and cons of each, will increase overall production yields, reduce defects, and increase reliability.

Peter Biocca, a chemist by profession, has written many articles relating to soldering and assembly, and has been involved in the electronics industry for more than 25 years. He has been an integral part of the acceptance of lead-free soldering as a viable option through the years.

Board metallization has always been a critical choice in achieving good solderability and lowering defects in all aspects of soldering from hand-soldering to reflow soldering.

For more information about the presentation, or to view the schedule of events, please visit

Founded in 1899, Kester is a world-renowned supplier of solder and related materials and services to the electronics assembly, micro-component, and industrial soldering markets. Kester is known for high quality, advanced technology and superior technical support. With headquarters in Itasca, IL, Kester has additional manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia and China. Its worldwide manufacturing and technical capabilities provide the support required to serve major electronics manufacturing services providers and OEMs.

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