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Michael A. Shields Joins Weiner & Associates as a Senior Associate

Mar 02, 2009

DANBURY, CT � Gene H. Weiner & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that the successful international business and financial executive Michael A. Shields has joined the organization as a Senior Associate of the Danbury, Connecticut consultancy.

�Michael is a welcome addition to our group in these troubled economic times,� stated Gene Weiner, company president. �He is an astute business and financial analyst, strategist and negotiator that can help our clients navigate their way through the current economic situation. He knows that companies must develop new relationships, credit lines, and lower cost sourcing and business structures. His services will help these clients achieve these vital changes for survival and future success.�

Shields is an experienced crisis manager, troubleshooter, and restructuring and turnaround specialist with wide international knowledge and multicultural adroitness � especially in the Far East. Michael lived in Hong Kong for 12 years for Standard Chartered Bank. He then spent the latter part of his career until his �retirement� in 2002 in various international roles at executive levels where he headed operational divisions of Standard Chartered Bank Group in Australia, Malaysia, and the United States, culminating in global responsibilities in a special asset management role.

His appointment strengthens Weiner & Associates' service offerings, especially to chemical and material suppliers, in these days of cutbacks and limited capital for bricks and mortar. The company has increased its ability to provide services in direct sourcing materials, specialty chemicals, organic synthesis, and custom formulating and manufacture of proprietary chemicals for companies needing quality sources in and from China.

Gene H. Weiner & Associates, Inc. is a 25+ year old consultancy serving globally oriented high technology electronic packaging and production industries and their chemical, equipment, and material suppliers. Weiner, a member of SMTA, iMaps, and HKPCA has been an active participant in the IPC for more than 50 years, where he received the President's Award and was inducted into the Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame.

For further information contact Gene H. Weiner at, 203-797-9103 or visit

Gene H. Weiner & Associates, Inc. is a highly focused consultancy serving high-technology corporations and investors in the printed circuit and semiconductor fabrication and contract assembly industries, and their chemical, material, and equipment suppliers.

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Michael A. Shields Joins Weiner & Associates as a Senior Associate

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