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Complete your Home Theater with a Wall Plate from Euronetwork

Feb 25, 2009

Leading customised cabling solution provider, Euronetwork have a range of home theater wall plates perfect for any home entertainment system.

Many of us now have some form of entertainment system within our homes. This may or may not be intentional but if we tot up the items we have as standard in our living rooms then it is clear that these entertainment systems are hugely popular.

Most homes these days own at least one television. On top of this, it was reported by the BBC in 2008 that around 85% of UK households have digital television in some form or another. Games consoles and computers are also permeating into the majority of modern homes too.

With these modern large screen televisions, digital TV set top boxes, and a myriad of other associated items all forming part of our homes entertainment we now have amassed an enormous amount of cables too. However, these cables can become dust catchers or even a tripping hazard, so how about using a home theater wall plate.

Home theater wall plates provide various benefits in home use because not only do they provide a means to remove the above problems but also they aid the clean lines and open space look that many households wish to achieve.

Ann Smith, Technical Manager, of Euronetwork stated:

"Wall plates provide an easy way of keeping many of those essential cables hidden away. We stock a range of different home theater wall plates so that whatever combination of connections and ports are needed, we can deliver."

Euronetwork's wall plates come in three flavours giving comprehensive coverage for most home installations. Cutout, loaded and unloaded variations give you enough variety to ensure that no matter what the application or your level of skill there is the right home theater wall plate for you.

Why choose Euronetwork's home theater wall plates? Well, Euronetwork have been manufacturing and supplying cables and wall plates for many years therefore have built the necessary skill and experience to consistently deliver top quality products. All items are made from premium grade materials but prices are always kept as low as possible.

So, in order to ensure that your home entertainment system is not spoilt by masses of cables and connections, pay a visit to

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