Going Green to cut transaction cost!

Feb 10, 2009

One of the hottest colors in business marketing these days is bright green. Increasingly, many of the world-renowned enterprises are participated in environmental protection. For PCB industry, going Green is not only an issue of using environment-friendly materials and not emitting pollutions, but also of saving energy, cutting cost during operation and reducing the depletion of all kinds of resources, which become more important under the global challenging economic situation.

However, most PCB enterprisers have ignored the high transaction cost produced from business process which amounts to 2.75 billion in whole PCB industry. It is a great support to ��Green�� if we can cut this cost greatly. Hence, PCB Partner sparkplugs ��Green Transaction�� in the business process.

Green Transaction is to short the business process, cut the transaction cost of PCB industry and improve the business efficiency.

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Going Green to cut transaction cost!

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