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Customizable Solder Process Training Classes

Feb 06, 2009

Circuit Technology, Inc. has just released a new series of customizable Solder Process training classes to add to its array of IPC Certified training classes. This new series of classes focuses on the automated circuit board assembly process. The series consist of Wave Solder Process, Reflow Solder Process, SMT printing process and SMT Boot Camp. Each class includes a site audit of your current processes followed by two days of training based on your desired process goals.

In these classes the student is instructed on the correct procedures for efficiently operating and maintaining the equipment as well as perfecting your assembly process. This is re-enforced with hands on experience on the line operating and troubleshooting the process. This series of courses is a first ever offering from a non-equipment manufacturer and is another innovative way Circuit Technology is helping support all its current and future client base. Circuit Technology is continuing to prove its tag line The Authority in Solder Training!

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Feb 06, 2009 -

Customizable Solder Process Training Classes

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