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SIPLACE 3x8 mm shutterless S-feeder improves component supply

Jan 30, 2009

S-series tape feeders have been one of the most important components of many Siplace placement machines for many years. With its new 3x8 mm shutterless S-feeder, Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems (SEAS) now presents another improved version in the series. Fewer movable parts mean longer life and more reliability. The new feeder also handles a broader spectrum of components and makes the user's job easier. As a special benefit, owners of classic 3x8 mm feeders can have them upgraded to the shutterless version.

The new 3x8 mm shutterless S-feeders are compatible with SIPLACE X-, D-, HF-, HS- and S-series machines. The feeders operate without moving component covers and related dampers and magnets. This makes them more robust and extends their useful life.

Another benefit of the new feeders is their expanded component spectrum. All components available in 8-mm paper or blister tapes down to 0201 components can be handled safely and reliably with a single feeder type. Thanks to �feeding on demand�, the components aren't moved to the pickup position until just before the placement head is ready to pick them up. This improves the pickup security and the dpm (defects per million) rating, because that way the tape cutting procedure, which is executed after each pickup, doesn't negatively affect the component feed. The line operators' work is made easier as well, because with the 3x8 mm shutterless feeder they can do all their work with a single feeder type. In addition, the new feeder prevents the loss of components during setup changeovers since the tape cover is not removed until the component is ready to be picked up.

Electronics manufacturers with classic 3x8 feeders can have them upgraded to the shutterless version. Siemens will replace the tape guide with the pickup windows and update the firmware to the latest version.

The new SIPLACE 3x8mm shutterless S-feeder expands the component spectrum and reduces the logistical effort for the operator.

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