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IDI Introduces Synergetix� Dyno� Contact for QFN Testing

Nov 25, 2008

Kansas City, KS � Interconnect Devices Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of spring contact probes, test sockets, and custom interconnect solutions announces the official release of the patent pending Synergetix Dyno� Contact for the test of QFNs, MLFs, and other leadless devices.

The Dyno test socket employs an innovative wiping contact design that ensures low and consistent contact resistance and higher first pass yields in even the harshest and most demanding applications. This contact design marks a new milestone at IDI in the QFN market and will revolutionize the testing of leadless devices.

The key advancement of this new contact is its monolithic design which scrubs across the surface of the device lead, penetrating even the most tenacious contaminants through hundreds of thousands of ions. Because of its design, the contact is nearly self-cleaning, requiring only minimal intervention over its long cycle life.

The Dyno� Contact, now available for use in Synergetix Test Sockets, features several other significant benefits including:

� Contacts plated with IDI's Endura Plating process known for resistance to intermetallic contamination in lead free device testing.

� The Contacts compatible with most existing offset load boards.

� IDI's flagship 101267 probes can be utilized as a ground pad in the center of the device for testing requirements.

� Contact resistance constantly under 20 mOhms when tested against a matte-tin device.

� Mechanical life cycles of 500,000.

� The Dyno's unique design prevents board scrub damaging test boards.

�The patent pending Dyno Contact is a revolutionary breakthrough in high-performance QFN testing and its reliability will be unmatched, � stated Mike Kirkman, President and CEO.

IDI is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom interconnects including high performance test sockets for the semiconductor industry and product connectors for the medical, military, aerospace, and telecommunications industries. For more information contact IDI at (913) 342-5544 , visit our website at (for probes and connectors) or (for test sockets).

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