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GAO Offers RFID Position Marker Series

Nov 05, 2008

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. ( now provides advanced RFID position markers (GAO 491013 and GAO 491014). The RFID Position Marker series are used to determine exact locations of long-range, semi-passive RFID tags (GAO 137003, GAO 137004).

The Position Marker is typically positioned near the induction loop (antenna) and remains maintenance-free after setting the original parameters. As the tag passes the induction loop connected to the Position Marker, it is �woken up� and identification data from the Position Marker is downloaded onto the tag. Depending on the type of tag, current as well as previous IDs and the relative time of passage over the loop are either repeatedly broadcasted or can be read from the tag by a RFID reader (GAO 227004) at a later time. This intelligent ability to control the inductive field limits enables it to distinguish lanes and recognize directions.

�By taking advantage of semi-passive technology these position markers offer benefits similar to RTLS at a very reasonable cost,� says Dr. Frank Gao, CEO of GAO Group.

Specifications for GAO Position Markers (GAO 491013, GAO 491014):

� Compatibility: GAO 137001, 137003, 137004 Tags with Marker feature

� Frequency: 125KHz

� Modulation: AM

� Position data: 16bits (programmable)

� Loop current: Max 6App

� User Interface: Bus i-BUS (RS422); Manual Blue Tooth, Class 2, SPP Profile; Indicators 4 LEDs, Bicolor (Run, Loop, Bus, Error); Features Programming of Loop ID, Setting of loop current (range) Loop diagnosis

� Electrical: Supply voltage DC 10 to 30V / AC* 85 to 265V; Power consumption Max. 20W

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About GAO RFID Inc.

GAO RFID Inc. is a leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware and solutions to end users worldwide. GAO RFID combines best of breed with low cost RFID readers, RFID tags and enabling-RFID software. We have a wide variety of RFID readers, tags and antennas in all the RFID technologies, Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF, Gen 2) as well as Active and Semi-Passive. GAO RFID's products and services are easily customized for use in Asset Tracking, Health care, Supply Chain & Logistics, Event Management, Access Control, Livestock Tracking, Inventory Control & Management, Field Service, Maintenance and Document Authentication.

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