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handheld signal level meter S9808

Nov 05, 2008

The Signal Level Meter is a full-featured handheld signal performance meter providing a complete signal test system in easy-to-carry protective case. Signal Level Meter allows choice of 4 pre-programmed user-selectable band plans accessed via keypad entry for easy measurement of broadcast, CATV, CATV/HRC, and SUB/VHF channels. Direct-entry channel or frequency tuning selections provide maximum flexibility in head-ends and distribution networks that employ narrow digital signals or non-standard frequency applications. The meter displays instantaneous digital signal levels when testing digital carrier levels. The large LCD screen displays signal level as a bar-graph with digital numeric readout. This backlit display provides screen illumination in dimly lit work-spaces, allowing behind rack and night meter operation. Signal Analysis Meter enables testing of carrier-to-noise, multiple channels, and full, reduced, and single band scan for complete testing flexibility. The meter��s functions include not only signal measurement when AC/DC voltage is present under test, but, when selected, voltage-level display.

��Full-channel operation 46-870MHZ Frequency Range

��Single keypad frequency or channel selection provides compatibility with channel, data, and other narrow bandwidth carriers

��Carrier-to-noise testing provides accurate testing of system performance anywhere in the head-end or distribution system

��AC/DC voltage readings and compatibility allow measurements through input connector, enabling signal and voltage measurements when voltage is present in tested signal without costly adapters

��8-Hour rechargeable NiMH batteries provide cost savings

��Automatic power shut-off feature extends time between recharges

��Bright orange high impact plastic housing and soft leatherette-vinyl protective case with belt clip included

Specifications (All the technical indexes below are under indoor temperature 25��)

Frequency range: 46MHZ-870MHZ

Frequency resolution ratio: 10KHZ

Measured band width: 280KHZ

Level Measurement

Measurement range: 25dBmV-120dBmV

Measurement accuracy: �� 1.5dB

Resolution ratio: 0.1dB

Method of detection: Peak detection

Input resistance: 75 ohm

Carrier-noise ratio (CN)

Signal input range: ��70dBuV

Measurement accuracy: ��2dB

Voltage Measurement

Input range: 0-80V AC/DC

Measurement accuracy : �� 2V

Resolution ratio: 0.1 V

All the above technical indexes are under indoor temperature(25��)


1.Working temperature:-10��-45��

2.Audio output: build-in speaker, numerical-controlled


1.DC power: DC7.2V chargeable battery

2.AC power: AC220/50HZ+10% OR AC110/50HZ+10%

3.Working time of battery: consecutive working hour>5 hour(fully charged)

4.Charging time: 8 hour


Special charge: 1charge

RF input connector: GMHT-L9.5-JK 1Piece

Meter Package: 1piece

Operator's Manual: 1 book

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