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portable signal level meter S8808

Nov 05, 2008

Brief Introduction

S8808 CATV Signal level meter is a measuring instrument especially designed for CATV technician. It is complete digital display with clear and correct reading and the using of microprocessor makes it has high capacity, more accurate and more flexible to operate. Meanwhile it has the character of small size, lightweight, and easy carrying, so it is more suitable to be used outside and fixing TV.

Technical information

(All the technical indexes below are under indoor temperature 25��)

Frequency range: 48MHZ-870MHZ

Frequency resolution ratio: 50KHZ

Measured band width: 280KHZ

Level Measurement

Measurement range: 30dBuV-120dBuV

Measurement accuracy: <�� 1.5dB

Resolution ratio: 0.1dB

Method of detection: Peak detection

Input resistance: 75 ohm

TILT Measurement

Measurement accuracy: +2dB

Voltage Measurement

Input range: 30-80V AC/DC

Measurement accuracy : �� 2V

Resolution ratio: 0.1 V

Power Supply

DC power supply: DC7.2V/1.5Ah(Built-in rechargeable battery)

AC power supply: AC 220V/50Hz��10%(9V charger)

(For different countries and areas, the specs may be different)

Working Conditions

Storage temperature: -10+50��

Storage humidity: 40%-80%RH

Recharge the battery once after stored over 6 months

Avoid mechanical vibration and punching.

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