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digital signal level meter SM2007

Nov 05, 2008

The product, which newly researched and developed, is the integrative high-tech measuring instrument for the transformation of CATV .The main function is to measure QAM digital signal and analogue signal. The measurable item includes: power measurement , MER measurement , BER measurement , constellation ,channel measurement, tilt measurement, scan measurement, spectrum measurement, carrier noise ratio measurement, and rail voltage measurement. Make the corresponding choice according to the different occasion. The inside process chip adopts the extensive integrated microprocessor which is special to the most advanced tester in the world at present. It has many characteristics such as: the complete function, the fast processing speed, the low static power consumption, small and the high dependability. The peripheral circuit uses its special integrated package design according to corresponding function. The appearance adopts the human mechanics principle, it can be held firmly by single-hand and operated.

Technical Data

A: Digital television channels Measurement

Frequency range: form 5MHz~862MHz

Tuning mode: DVB-C/ITU-T J.83-AnnexA/B/C

Support: 16/32/64/128/256QAM

Digital power: 40dB��V-110dB��V

Accuracy: 2.5dB

Bandwidth: Adjustable

Symbol rate: 1MS/S-7MS/S

MER: 19~35dB

BER: 1.0E-2 to 1.0E-8

B: Analogue television channels Measurement


Frequency range: 5MHz��862MHz

Channel range: China standard channel and append Channel

International Channel: Download and add as needed

Resolution: 10KHz

Bandwidth: 280kHz��50kHz

Level measurement:

Range: 25dB��V��120dB��V

Accuracy: ��1.5 dB ( 0�桫40�� )

Resolution: 0.1dB

Demodulate method: Peak value demodulate

Input impedance: 75��


Signal input range: ��80dB��V

Accuracy: ��2dB

Resolution: 0.1dB

Rail Voltage Measurement:

Input range: 2��100V AC/DC

Accuracy: ��2V

Resolution: 0.1V

Tilt Measurement:

Channel number: 8

Resolution: 0.1dB

Channel scan:

Total number of channel scan:150

Spectrum :

Bandwidth: 4MHz, 8MHz, 20MHz��40MHz

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