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digital satellite finder SF6000

Nov 05, 2008

The Digital satellite finder is a professional, quality made instrument for setting and aligning a satellite dish to any satellite. According to parameters of the satellite, you can set and align a satellite dish very accurately, quickly and conveniently.

Features as follows:

1. Graphic user interface, Designed to be very easy to use.

2. With Fast and easy menu structures. It can calculate Azimuth, Elevation and Polarization automatically according to local longitude and latitude and show these details on the colour LCD display.

3. It can communicate with your PC through the serial port and you can update new satellite parameters conveniently.

4. With A Large memory capacity you can pre-store 80 satellite sparameters and 40 measurement records.

5. With the high quality LCD screen you can watch the TV channel from the satellite you are testing. This is giving the ultimate verification that the satellite you are looking at is the correct


Technical Data

1. Input Frequency

Frequency range: 950~2150MHz

2. Signal Measure

Level range: -65dBm ~ -25dBm

Input resistance: 75

Symbol rate: 2Msps ~ 45 Msps

3. Other

Dimension: 250!��120!��60(mm

Net weight: 0.8Kg

Gross weight: 1.6Kg

Working temperature:0 ~ +40

Display: TFT LCD

Audio output: build-in speaker

Port: RS232

Switch: 22 KHz support

4. Power Supply

LNB power supply: ��H�� +18V����450mA����V�� +13V����450mA

DC power supply: DC8.4V chargeable battery

Power adapter input: AC110V/60Hz/220V/50Hz!��10%

Power adapter output: 9.6 V DC 800mA

Working time: working hours 3~4 hours (full charge)

Charging time: more than 4 hoursless than 5 hours.

5. Accessories

Common power supply adapter or Cigarette lighter adapter 1

piece (Note: Adapter is optional.)

RF input connector GMHF-L3/8-JK 1 piece

Instrument bag 1 piece

Operator!��s manua 1 piece

CD-ROM 1piece

Data cable 1piece



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