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GMT Improves Florida CirTech's AQ2000 LPI Solder Mask

Oct 29, 2008

Greeley, CO � October 2008 � Florida CirTech Inc., a leading chemical blender to the Printed Circuit and Electronic Assembly industry, announces that Genesis Materials Technology (GMT) has recently dramatically improved the ENIG resistance of Florida CirTech's water-based AQ2000 LPI solder mask. AQ2000 LPI is now able to withstand the harsh chemical conditions found in the ENIG process.

The photo speed of AQ2000 LPI remains high, which shortens exposure time and increases throughput. Beta site testing has begun.

AQ2000 LPI is completely water-based and contains no solvents and no VOCs.

GMT is a company that manufacturers a patented VOC-free waterborne liquid photoresist and Liquid Photoimageable (LPI) solder mask and legend inks. These products have many positive technical attributes such as high resolution and also have the advantage of being very environmentally attractive in that there is no organic solvent in any of these products. Additional information on these products can be obtained at

About Florida CirTech Inc.

A specialty chemical and material manufacturer catering to the bare board PCB industry. The company offers a wide range of chemical products that range from Photoresist strippers to Electroless Copper to a variety of final finish products. With the recent acquisition of Genesis Materials, Florida CirTech now offers the only VOC-free liquid photoresists and LPI solder masks and legend inks. The company's emphasis is on cutting-edge technology that is environmentally friendly and backed by ISO 9001 certification.

Florida CirTech is a Greeley, Colorado based corporation that was formed in 1991 by Mike Scimeca. With a knowledgeable and responsive sales staff, Florida CirTech sells electronic assembly and Printed Circuit process chemistry throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as over seas. Florida CirTech focuses a great deal of its efforts on research and development of chemical based products that will solve the needs of the electronics manufacturing industry in the 21st century. Recently Florida CirTech has become a leader in alternative coatings to hot air solder leveling for the PCFab industry. This has proven to be a hot new item that is capturing the interest of leading PC board makers and OEMS.

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GMT Improves Florida CirTech's AQ2000 LPI Solder Mask

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