CeTaQ Offers Process Capability Validation of Dispensing Equipment

Oct 12, 2008

BEDFORD, NH � October 2008 � CeTaQ, the leader in quality analysis and optimization of SMT production processes, announces that it provides process capability analysis of dispensers, specifically any OEM can be measured. Machine capability of dispensers is measured by running a highly accurate glass board with glue dots. The glass plate is used to minimize the dimensional errors associated with epoxy boards and to provide accurate and relevant measurements.

Before beginning a machine capability test, it is necessary to generate a measuring program. This must be done correctly to determine a result as relevant as possible in the minimum amount of time. In most cases, the CmController software is able to create a dispensing layout, exporting data to the glue dispenser machine. Otherwise, the program on the dispenser equipment must be created manually with relation to the defined program of the CmController.

Once the program is ready, glue dots are mounted on the glass board in the dispenser equipment. The assembly is then ed into the CmController, which measures the X,Y positional accuracy and dot diameter, and evaluates the results. Glue dots are measured using the program defined by the CmController, taking into consideration the impact of dispense order, diameter size, board rotation and machine specifications.

For more information about CeTaQ's dispenser capability techniques, visit http://www.cetaq.com.

About CeTaQ

Headquartered in Germany, CeTaQ GmbH provides a unique combination of products and services throughout world for measuring accuracy and repeatability. As a result, CeTaQ has become highly recognized as the leader in machine capability knowledge and as one of the most desired partners within the last several years in Europe, the Americas and overseas. For more information, visit the company's Web site at http://www.cetaq.com

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