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FCT Solder to Exhibit Its SN100C Products and Technologies at Mexitr�nica 2008

Oct 07, 2008

GREELEY, CO � October 2008 � FCT Solder, a division of FCT Assembly and an authorized Licensee of Nihon Superior Co. Ltd.'s SN100C product line, announces that it will showcase its line of SN100C products and technologies with Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. in booth 402 at the upcoming Mexitr�nica exhibition scheduled to take place October 21-23, 2008 at the Expo Guadalajara, Hotel Hilton, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Initially developed for use in wave and selective soldering applications, SN100C� is also available as a Lead-Free HASL finish, bar solder, solder paste, no-clean, water-soluble solder paste, solid and cored wire, ribbon, pre-forms and spheres, as well as an advanced full line of fluxes. SN100C� is quickly becoming known as the most reliable lead-free alloy in the industry and is outperforming competitive products in Japan, Asia, China, USA and Europe, with increasing numbers of leading manufacturers incorporating it into their processes.

SN100C� is the original patented Sn/Cu/Ni+Ge alloy. Inherent characteristics such as high fluidity, low copper erosion, low drossing, superior wetting and freedom from shrinkage defects along with more than eight years and billions of solder joints to its credit make it a low cost, high reliability lead-free solution.

Also represented with FCT Solder will be Fine Line Stencil, another division of FCT Assembly. Fine Line Stencil is committed to delivering the highest quality laser stencils in the industry, and uses the latest laser technology and most advanced materials available to deliver the highest quality product, backed by an ISO-9001 certified process. Stencils on display include SLIC� Stencils, Electroformed (ElectroLaser�) Stencils, Advanced laser technology for SMT stencil needs and Squeegee Blades.

For more information about FCT Solder and to view the company's full range of SN100C products as well as Fine Line Stencil's products, visit booth 402 at Mexitr�nica 2008

About FCT Assembly

FCT Assembly was created after the purchase of Fine Line Stencil, Inc., and consists of two major operations: stencil manufacturing and the manufacturing of electronic assembly products such as solder paste, flux and solder (both conventional 63/37 and SN100C� lead-free) bar. The assembly products are manufactured in the Greeley, Colo. plant and the stencils are manufactured in the Beaverton, Ore., Memphis, Tenn., and Greeley, Colo. facilities. The stencils can be fabricated by both laser cutting and chemical etch. The company also makes precision parts in its A-Laser division, which is located in Beaverton, Ore. For more information, visit

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