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Petroferm has ISO 9001:2000 Certification extended

Sep 08, 2008

Gurnee, IL � Petroferm - Cleaning Products Division, is proud to announce that their Gurnee, Illinois production facility has successfully completed their triennial ISO 9001:2000 recertification audit. The ISO auditors, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., have officially recommended that the Gurnee site be re-certified for another three years.

�We pursued this particular ISO certification due to its heavy emphasis on continual improvement and customer satisfaction� said Craig Hood, Director of International Sales and Global Marketing. �ISO 9001:2000 is recognized worldwide as an accepted quality management system. Being certified gives our customers a higher degree of confidence in our manufacturing, services and products and is good way for us to differentiate ourselves from the global competition.�

About Petroferm Cleaning Products

Petroferm Cleaning Products, a division of Petroferm Inc., develops, manufactures, and markets environmentally responsible cleaning agents to meet the increasing demands of today's industrial manufacturing operations.

Sold under the AXAREL�, BIOACT�, CleanSafe�, HYDREX�, LENIUM�,

RE-ENTRY� and SOLVAG� trade names, Petroferm products are used to clean precision parts during production, ranging from simple hand wipe applications to sophisticated multi-stage cleaning systems. Petroferm's portfolio includes innovative formulations for all major cleaning process technologies including aqueous, co-solvent, non-aqueous, semi-aqueous, and vapor degreasing. Our major markets are Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, and Medical Device manufacturing as well as other high tech industries. As a global leader in precision cleaning, Petroferm's cleaning agents are readily available throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions. For more information, visit


AXAREL, BIOACT, HYDREX, LENIUM and RE-ENTRY are registered trademarks of Petroferm Inc.

AquaEdge, CleanSafe, and SOLVAG are trademarks of Petroferm Inc.

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Petroferm has ISO 9001:2000 Certification extended

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