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Surclean Announces An Intelligent Way to Buy Electronics Production Materials Online

Aug 11, 2008

July 2008 - Surclean, a division of SMT, announces the launch of its Web shop, located at With easy, secure password-protected ordering, flexible quantities, promotional Web offers, corporate purchasing, analysis and transparent online account management, this new resource offers the purchase of industry-proven products from leading suppliers.

The brainchild of Managing Director Neil Everitt, offers an intelligent way to buy electronics production materials, which evolved from listening to buyer's requirements and frustrations and streamlining a process to exactly match their needs. The culmination of two year's work, June 2001 saw the launch of, a shop window into a comprehensive range of industry proven electronics technologies and materials � all from leading suppliers.

The flagship Surclean range from the Web shop is designed to provide innovative, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning materials, including solvents and water washable materials for PCB and stencil cleaning, cleaning wipes and clean room solutions � together with work wear. DKL Metals, one of the UK's leading suppliers of high purity solders for over 20 years, has partnered with Surclean to provide a range of lead and lead-free solder paste, wire, bar, flux and rework via the Web shop. Further products from the online shop include specialist and more powerful cleaning chemicals, polyimide tape and dots, conformal coatings and potting compounds, and production tools. Full specification of all products featured is available to download from the Web site, and all products are supported by a comprehensive network of distributors, available to provide local support.

Companies will now be able to buy direct online from as little as a one-off item through to batch orders, and can take advantage of the constantly updated promotional Web shop prices. The shop provides buyers with easy and secure ordering and the added benefit of being able to check the stock of products in real-time, all at the simple touch of a button. One of the most intelligent elements of the new Web shop is its ability to provide corporate purchasing support analysis, designed to identify waste and, in turn, reduce supply chain costs. Plus, the opportunity to set up corporate accounts to make ordering even simpler, together with the added transparency of full, password protected, online account management, through to a monthly invoicing system.

�Our customers face increasing pressures to remain competitive and I felt we needed to take the buying process to the next level, by providing a smarter service with far more than the ability to purchase products online,� explains Neil Everitt. �We have always ed products where quality speaks for itself and we pride ourselves on good customer service. Now we have moved part of our business online. I wanted customers to have greater control over their ordering process and greater control over managing their budgets. We have made ordering a quick and simple process, flexible in terms of quantity and in-step with corporate guidelines. Better still, it is a real opportunity to save money � with smarter purchasing power, our customers can reduce excess product on shelves and, therefore, potential waste. It really should be that easy and, with the Web shop, it is.�


Surclean maintains a modern well-equipped electrochemical laboratory as part of our customer application support programme. We can conduct initial tests to assist in product ion and subsequently test post processing results for any of our materials. Facilities include SIR and Electromigration testing together with environmental conditioning to MIL QQ-571E, DIN and IPC specifications. As a manufacturer rather than a distributor or re-packing company, we can sometimes modify a standard product to optimise the performance for a specific application.


SURCLEAN is the production consumables division of SMT. SURCLEAN has been established to provide innovative, cost-effective and environmentally safe materials to the electronics industry. All SURCLEAN products are the result of extensive development and field trials. Specifications are derived by listening to our customers and responding. SURCLEAN products are specified by engineers for use by engineers. In short, they are practical production solutions. SURCLEAN products cover a broad line of applications and materials, and are all formulated and manufactured in our own plant. SURCLEAN products are backed by well-equipped laboratory, quality and test facilities with outstanding technical support provided by highly experienced manufacturing engineers.

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Aug 11, 2008 -

Surclean Announces An Intelligent Way to Buy Electronics Production Materials Online

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