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  • Blue Thunder Technologies to Showcase ESD Products at SMTA International 2008

Blue Thunder Technologies to Showcase ESD Products at SMTA International 2008

Aug 07, 2008

EAST WINDSOR, CT � August 2008 � Blue Thunder Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality wiping products and a supplier of consumable items used in cleanrooms, assembly lines, laboratories and manufacturing, announces that it will feature its friendly green� wipes, THE AQUAVATORTM stencil wiping fabric, the Green Monster stencil wiping roll and antistatic wipes in booth 302 at the upcoming SMTA International exhibition and conference, scheduled to take place August 19-20, 2008 in Orlando, FL.

The friendly green� presaturated wipes are low linting and designed to remove all solder pastes, resins, water-soluble, no-clean, leaded and lead-free from stencils, screens, misprints and other surfaces. friendly green� wipes are tough on contaminants, yet friendly to stencils, people and the environment. The wipes are exceptionally effective in cutting through tough, dried-on solder paste and flux residues yet cause no harm to any of the stencil's construction materials such as the aluminum frame, stainless steel or polyester screen and stainless steel, brass or nickel metal etched foil.

Additionally, the wipes are saturated with low-toxicity compounds and contain no solvents, which is conducive to an employee's safety environment. All of the components are biodegradable, preventing accumulation in the environment. friendly green� wipes meet or exceed current and reasonably anticipated VOC requirements (EPA, AQMD, SCAQMD). They also contain no Clean Air Act Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), nor are they a RCRA hazardous waste when disposed.

A revolutionary new development within the science of automatic stencil cleaning, THE AQUAVATORTM Stencil Wiping Fabric offers numerous benefits over other stencil wiping fabrics � the main one being that users need only to add tap water. This is significant because it eliminates the necessity of using hazardous chemicals that are flammable and unhealthy for both people and the environment. Simply add water.

The fabric features harmless cleaning agents embedded throughout the ESD fibers that aggressively clean the stencil. Water activates this cleaning agent and allows it to cut through solder paste with ease. Besides being safer for people and the environment, the stencil wiper is safer for the stencil. Additionally, it eliminates spill concerns, flammability/explosion concerns, VOC issues, transportation concerns, shelf life concerns and the high cost of toxic chemicals.

THE AQUAVATORTM provides numerous benefits to users, including a lead-free compatible/aggressive cleaning surface that is conductive to cleaning and collecting the weakened solder paste between the deep crevices of its fibrous network; vacuum compatibility that allows maximum utilization of the vacuum system on screen printers; ESD; comprised of thick, coarse multi-oriented fibers that scrape and plow solder paste into the multitude of �nooks and crannies.�

High-Tech Conversions' GREEN MONSTER ESD stencil wiping roll is the only stencil wiping roll that is truly antistatic as well as lead-free compatible. Because the material is ESD, it prevents sparks that can damage components and cause voids in solder traces. Because GREEN MONSTER uses coarse ESD fibers, the fabric has a much more aggressive cleaning surface and provides more voids to collect solder paste as opposed to the smearing that results from using paper. The fabric is made of a highly cross-linked acrylic polymer that bonds the company's long, coarse fibers together, making the product more porous and allowing full utilization of the vacuum system. Consequently, more air can be drawn through the stencil's apertures solder paste.

Also on display will be durable pink antistatic wipes that feature conductive carbon fibers and sealed edges.

About Blue Thunder Technologies Inc.

Blue Thunder Technologies Inc. manufactures a variety of wiping products and can supply end users with virtually any type of consumable item used in cleanrooms, assembly lines, laboratories and manufacturing. Visit the Web site at to learn more. Blue Thunder Technologies is proactive and able to respond quickly and accurately to customers' needs. The company offers high-quality products at reasonable prices and strives to be ultra-efficient to keep overhead costs low.

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