May 22, 2008

Lead Free Tips Images Using Koki and Without Koki

Lead Free Tips Images Using Koki and Without Koki

Grappling with the torments of lead free soldering, customers in the US and Canada have been approaching Adtool Corporation & Koki Company about their new lead free solder wire. �It seems that more than 90% of lead enquiries at the shows we have attended at Nepcon East (Boston), SME (Toronto) and the Eptech shows in Canada have been about the issues people are facing with lead free soldering. When we demonstrate what our products can do, people are in amazement that we have addressed and solved these issues.� says Gordon Clark, Director of Global Support for Koki.

Customers assembling or reworking lead free solder joints using traditional lead free wires have be dealing with many issues affecting not only quality and aesthetics of the solder joints but increases in solder tip consumption. A company using $20,000 worth of soldering tips per year, switching from tin/lead to lead free can double that consumption amount due to the physical characteristics of the SAC alloys eroding the inside of the soldering tip. Koki�s Eco-Plus series lead free wire formula, addresses this and returns the consumption back to a reasonable level.

Soldering iron manufacturers have done their part in addressing lead free hand soldering. As well, retraining operators in good hand soldering techniques helps as well. Koki�s new lead free wire (Eco-Plus S03X7C-56M series) goes many steps further by addressing or eliminating all together the remaining issues previously unresolved in lead free soldering, namely:

� Flux splatter

� Lack of wetting

� Solder tip erosion

� Solder joint strength

� Solder tip carbonization

� Over heating of solder joints

� Spiking or flagging of the joint

If you would like further information on this product including technical reports, please contact Adtool Corporation at 1-800-361-6727 or visit their web site at http://www.adtool.com .

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