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VJ Electronix Wins Award after Award in Test, Inspection/X-Ray and Rework & Repair Categories

May 01, 2008

LITTLETON, MASS. - VJ Electronix, the leader in X-Ray inspection technology and Rework systems, has received several awards in 2008 for their X-Ray and Rework and Repair products at two major industry events in North America and Asia.

VJ Electronics scooped Circuits Assembly�s NPI award in the category of �Test, Inspection, AXI� for their VERTEX Series-A X-Ray Inspection System, during the APEX 2008 show in Las Vegas.

They also received the SMT VISION Award during APEX 2008 in the category of �Rework & Repair,� this time for the Summit 2200 Advanced Rework Station

In Asia, the Summit 2200 Advanced Rework Station received yet another award from the SMTC, part of the SMT China VISION Awards program, in the category �Rework & Repair,� which was presented during NEPCON China/EMT China 2008.

And, finally, VJ Electronix�s Summit 2200 Advanced Rework Station received an EM Asia Innovation Award, presented during NEPCON China/EMT China 2008, in the category of �Rework/Repair Equipment.�

Each award is designed to recognize and celebrate excellence in electronics surface mount assembly and to premier products based on the finest examples of creative advancement in technology. Each award category is chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts, designed to inspire companies to achieve the highest possible standards and to push the industry forward.

The Vertex Series-A X-Ray Inspection System offers numerous features to help customers to inspect PCB and component assemblies quickly and accurately. A new flexible design allows it to be customized to any Inspection task. It allows for faster load/unload product exchange; reproducible results based on repeatability of precision, with a programmable control system. It also offers an inspectable area of 508 x 610 mm (20� x 24�) with 100 percent coverage.

VJ Electronix Summit 2200 Advanced Rework Station has been engineered for the most demanding lead-free processes. Using many of the award winning and proven Summit 1800 components and processes, the 2200�s advanced features include a new Automated Site Prep (scavenging) System, a Wide Area Profile Storage Compatibility, a new bottom heater and motorized table and a new integrated technical documentation.

About VJ Electronix Inc. focuses primarily on solutions for the electronics industry. The company has an entire line of standard X-Ray inspection and Rework systems for the SMT and semiconductor industry. VJ Electronix also is capable of developing custom solutions from the ground up.

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