Saturn Seizes Olec AccuTray AT-30

Apr 18, 2008

Advanced Auto Align Imaging Platform Tailored For Meticulous Manufacturer

Adhering to their inaugural focus on quality, Saturn Electronics promptly added the Olec AT-30 to their continually expanding stable of high-caliber Process Equipment. The austere automatic vision-based Register imparts both authority and ingenuity to the Romulus based PCB Manufacturer.

The AccuTray�s heightened Imaging Capability registers within � mil. As a result, Saturn increases it�s capabilities to image finer technology boards and pad-on-pad soldermask features. Further, these machines are outfitted with a hybrid collimated light source, which allows imaging of fine features all the way to the outside edges of an 18�x24� production panel.

Savings Passed to Customers

By improving the registration capabilities Saturn is able to methodically identify changes incurred--either during the fabrication process or to the artwork. Finally, the higher yield, lower maintenance, and increased productivity and capabilities allow Saturn to pass these savings to the customer. Further, by allowing Saturn to run fine-featured PCB�s in a full 18�x24� production panel format, the labor and material cost savings to customers is significant.

�We now total 4 Olec AT-30 automatic registration imaging systems. These machines allow us to build an entirely higher class of PCB�s at prototype through production volumes, with the pricing and quality our customers have come to expect,� states Yash Sutariya, V.P.

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