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Second generation of the MY500 at APEX 2008 MY500 � Jet Printing technology for higher profitability

Apr 08, 2008

With greater PCB design flexibility, more precise solder paste placement and complete off-line preparation, the second generation of the MY500 offers you a vast array of ways to improve your profitability.

�The MY500 gives MYDATA customers a clear competitive advantage and the ability to serve their customers with a very fast response time,� says Robert G�thner, Vice President Marketing and Sales at MYDATA. �The MY500 will also free up resources, leaving operators with more time for other responsibilities.�

The digital stencil in combination with the offline programming of the MY500 allows set-ups and changeovers to be accomplished in seconds, so every production run can be started and completed as efficiently as possible.

G�ran Persson, Product Manager at MYDATA:

"With the MY500 you can make adjustments on-the-spot, in three dimensions. The system features an easy-to-use two-dimensional inspection and repair functionality, so you can be sure to get exactly the result you expect."

To maximize uptime during every production run, the MY500 paste syringe and ejection technology

features the ease and speed of "snap-to-machine" loading. This allows you to quickly refill paste when needed or switch from lead to lead-free solder paste in seconds.

The MY500 will give you a competitive advantage � no stencils to order, wait for, clean or store.

MYDATA automation designs, manufactures and markets SMT process equipment for the electronics industry. Its mission is to be always innovating � in order to satisfy the electronic industry�s need for surface mount technology and services that meet the highest demands in terms of productivity and quality.

Based on a modular hardware and software design, MYDATA equipment has been developed for flexibility and high-yield

production over time. By focusing on faster changeovers and setups, and on achieving the lowest possible cost per mounted

component, MYDATA has built a strong customer base and long-term relationships with customers in countries throughout the world. Sweden-based MYDATA has a worldwide sales and customer support network with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Japan, China and Singapore.

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