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What's happening at Ovation Products in 2008?

Mar 26, 2008

Smaller component scale, increased component population and more challenging circuit board substrates are some development trends. We are constantly looking at the issues and concerns of high scale manufacturing to see how and where our products can be best used and developed to suit these markets. The SMT industry is moving so fast and is becoming increasingly more complex, smaller and faster. The component and handling considerations are also getting tougher and we will be working to ensure that we always stay one step ahead so that our products are the very best for this market.

In 2008, Ovation Products will reap the benefits of our 2007 investments in new and improved products. We have a full plate in the engineering department and we plan to continue bringing new and unique products into this industry. We also expect our North American market to grow and strive for continued success in Europe and Asia. Along with the rest of the industry, Ovation Products will contribute to the emerging technologies of photovoltaics, fuel cell and other "green" technologies.

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