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ESSEMTEC to Debut Reflow Oven to US Industry at APEX 2008

Mar 14, 2008

Glassboro, NJ � Essemtec, a leading manufacturer of surface mount technology production equipment, announces that it will introduce RO-VARIO, a reflow oven with a new, flexible concept, in booth 501 at the upcoming APEX 2008 exhibition and conference, scheduled to take place April 1-3, 2008, in Las Vegas.

The RO-VARIO reflow oven is the most flexible soldering and curing system on the market. Every element of this machine can be specifically adapted to suit exact production requirements, from the number of heating and cooling zones to the conveyor chains running in parallel. Additionally, the oven features a process width of 600 mm.

The term VARIO stands for versatility and variability, which is the essential strength of this new oven concept from Essemtec. The RO-VARIO can be optimally designed according to the specific requirements of any production environment. For example, the modularized machine can easily be configured so that the number of different zones and their type, such as heating, mixed or cooling, can be freely selected.

The substrate transport system also offers a high degree of flexibility with a mesh belt, chain or the combination of chain over mesh able to be selected. For parallel processing of multiple different or similar products, up to five transport or central support rails can be installed and independently positioned from each other, allowing optimal use of the 600 mm process width.

Another benefit is the inert operation with nitrogen, with a very quick change to normal air within two minutes. Other options include a process-gas cleaning system, as well as systems for active cooling and for temperature profiling, making RO-VARIO a universal solution for all types of soldering and curing tasks in electronics manufacturing and other industrial applications.

Due to an integrated SMEMA interface, the RO-VARIO oven can be integrated easily into manufacturing lines. One of the highest demands on automated lines is the superior reliability of each machine. The RO-VARIO features much higher reliability than other reflow ovens because it uses just two motors. Therefore, the likelihood of a system breakdown is remarkably low and the MTBF can be expected to be higher by a number of factors.

The process capabilities of the oven are one of the best worldwide. With pure convection heating, high temperature transfer capacity and optimized airflow guidance, the RO-VARIO oven meets the requirements of even the most sophisticated soldering tasks. Across the substrate width of 600 mm (23.6"), the process conditions are identical, providing the prerequisites for the soldering of large-board assemblies. As an alternative to the convection heating modules, zones available with infrared or UV lamps.

The integrated PC with LAN capability controls the temperature profile, the conveyor speed and the transport width, allowing simple oven implementation into existing systems for production planning and control.

The easy-to-use software offers even the most experienced process specialist many helpful functions such as a solder paste and adhesive library, with proven process data that can be improved by the user. There is also a material database for the documentation of the products soldered or cured and process simulation software for the temperature profile expected for a new product.

The RO-VARIO features a comprehensive system in which the process gas is cleaned in four stages: in the gas intake (filter and condensed materials), in the process zones, in the cooling zone and in the gas exhaust. For manual maintenance, the entire top cover can be lifted for easy access to the heating zones from the front and back of the machine.

The RO-VARIO can be efficiently used in every production situation, be it a small but flexible manufacture environment or a large and fully automated line. The oven can be adapted to suit many different requirements.

Essemtec is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production equipment. Essemtec specializes in high mix production equipment for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) using Surface Mount Technology.

Essemtec is the only manufacturer to cover the entire production process, from Printers and/or Dispensers, to Pick-and-Place and Soldering equipment. Therefore, customers benefit from unparallel knowledge and the ability to select, from a single source, a complete process solution to meet their requirements.

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