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Fine Line Stencil to Premier New Technologies and Company Updates at APEX 2008

Mar 12, 2008

Fine Line Stencil, a division of FCT Assembly and a leading manufacturer of stencil products, invites visitors to stop by booth 243 at APEX 2008 to learn about its recent positive changes in technology. The APEX exhibition and conference is scheduled to take place April 1-3, 2008 in Las Vegas.

An overview of changes within the company include the following:

FCT Solder, Fine Line Stencil's sister company, recently completed a controlled print test study to determine the best technology for paste release and volume using surface area ratios as the guideline. The following stencil technologies were compared head to head: Laser Cut and Electroformed. Different materials (SS, Slic, Alloy, Nickel and Kapton) were compared and cuts from market-leading stencil laser systems were evaluated. Test parameters and results were outlined. FINE LINE STENCIL determined the results and now is offering the market the best stencil technologies available: Slic™ Laser Cut Stencil (proprietary material) and Electroformed Stencils.

Fine Line Stencil recently purchased the most advanced laser system in the world. This laser system is located at the company's Memphis facility and is manufactured by LPKF. The system provides advancement in capabilities to Fine Line Stencil's technologies.

Additionally, Fine Line Stencil has created the new key position of VP of Technology. Robert Dervaes has been promoted to advance the company's technology and technical support for customers with printing challenges. Fine Line Stencil now can assist engineering teams with design stage discussions, materials evaluation and selection, technology selection, and optimization of design for process.

Fine Line Stencil has implemented an account management system with its production and customer service teams. These individuals are responsible for each stencil that is shipped to their respective accounts. This ensures that the highest possible level of service is provided to each customer.

The company features a real-time tracking system and online ordering. Users can track and order stencils as well as pull shipment tracking numbers directly from the Web site.

Fine Line Stencil is able to provide superior quality control with an in-line AOI scan check quality system from LPKF. The LPKF ScanCheck Stencil Inspection System compares solder paste stencils manufactured by any method with the CAM data. This guarantees continuous quality of the stencils and certifies them to ISO 9002. For the SMD assembly houses, LPKF ScanCheck provides quality assurance for all stencils before assembly production begins. ScanCheck recognizes all stencil defects such as missing apertures, wrongly shaped apertures, positional inaccuracies.

Fine Line Stencil has three locations in the United States; Oregon, Memphis, TN and Colorado, and one in Montreal, Canada in order to better serve its customers and manage capacity more efficiently. The Memphis, TN facility is five minutes from FedEx, allowing the ability to ship until midnight and still make same day shipments.

Stop by booth 243 at APEX to meet the company and to learn more about why it is the North American stencil product expert.

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Fine Line Stencil to Premier New Technologies and Company Updates at APEX 2008

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