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Is Your Printed Circuit Board Equipment Old and Tired?

Mar 05, 2008

A dull blade will require more force thereby exerting more stress on the printed circuit board, which could crack, splinter or damage the board and / or components. Dings or nicks in the blades can also cause severe quality problems. Sharp blades allow the user to work with more relaxed and effortless movements and make for a more efficient and productive process. A major component of quality control and assurance is preventative maintenance. So before a dull blade creates quality issues in your printed circuit board process. Make a very inexpensive investment on your current depaneling equipment and call today to sharpen or replace those blades, which will improve quality and increase productivity.

Or Perhaps it is Time to Upgrade your Equipment?

FKN Systek will gladly work with you to evaluate the condition of your current equipment, and offer a solution to refurbish or upgrade. You may want to choose to trade your manual process to something automated. FKN Systek has a wide selection of depaneling equipment from low end bench top tools such as the N100 Nibbler used to singulate tab routed boards to high volume production systems such as the K6000 in-line multiple circular blade depanelizer for pre-scored boards. We also have routers, punches, saws and linear blade systems available in a variety of models for different applications either manual or motorized. FKN Systek can provide the most effective, economical, safe and easy to use printed circuit board depaneling solutions.

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