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EVS International to Debut New Solder Dross Series at APEX 2008

Mar 01, 2008

January 2008 - EVS International, the leader in solder recovery, announces that it will introduce the EVS 7000 and EVS 9000 solder recovery systems in distributor Sono-Tek�s booth 263 at the upcoming APEX 2008 exhibition and conference, scheduled to take place April 1-3, 2008, in Las Vegas. The new systems replace the popular EVS 3000 and EVS 6000 machines which are market leaders in solder recovery.

The EVS 7000 and EVS 9000 systems are part of the EVS Series, which represent a quantum leap forward in the processing of solder dross. The series� sleek lines confirm the streamlined systems, advanced electronic controls and integrated diagnostics. Extensive feedback from the market has enabled EVS International to offer machines that satisfy the high standards required from a modern manufacturing environment particularly with regard to reliability, ease of operation, maintenance and environmental management.

The EVS 7000 and EVS 9000 have been designed like the newly launched EVS 1000, and have integrated all of the new-generation system�s features, enhancing the performance of previous units. The smaller size, footprint and much easier access for maintenance help reduce the cost, giving a rapid payback and impressive return on capital employed.

Offering capacities of 10 kg/20 lb (EVS 7000) up to 20 kg/44 lb (EVS 9000), the new EVS 9000 system has the facility for single operation dedrossing of even the largest wave soldering machines. Its large integrated hopper makes rapid transfer of dross both simpler and safer, and speeds dedrossing times by up to 75 percent. This provides a cleaner wave with less maintenance, less downtime, and a reduction in shorts and bridging as well as the potential to discontinue the use of messy wave oils and/or dross reduction powders.

The process used by the EVS series is unique to EVS International and is protected worldwide by established and pending patents for not only the product but the process. Simple in concept but revolutionary in its effect, the series breaks new ground in the efficient regeneration of waste in a shop floor environment.

The EVS systems feature an enclosed automated system. Hot dross is loaded into the large hopper and sealed into the machine. The process, once started by the operator, recovers the solder into a solder tray in the form of ingots that are easily placed back into the solder pot and deposits the spent dross automatically through a chute to a covered dross bin. Air is extracted via a powerful standalone, multi-part filtration system, which ensures that the emitted air is usually cleaner than the surrounding workplace.

A Hopper Extraction System is used to prevent the escape of any fumes and dust that may be generated when loading. An automatic air-knife cools the molten solder ingots until they are safe to handle. Premature removal of the ingot tray is prevented by a safety lock. Handling and moving of dross is reduced to a minimum as it is contained within the EVS until it is automatically ejected into the dross bucket.

Extensive safety features are built into the machine, protecting against misuse and abuse. A variety of switches and sensors are deployed and electrical and electronic circuitry is fuse protected. Maintenance is assisted by prompts from the LCD read out and facilitated by easy access to all working parts of the machine. Routine cleaning can be carried out from a comfortable standing position.

The new EVS platform is designed for simple, one-person operation on the shop floor using existing staff. There are no complex installation procedures, just plug it in to a single-phase supply and a six bar airline and it is ready to go.

Once the new EVS series has reached operating temperature, hot dross can be loaded and the hopper door shut. After the start button has been pushed, no further operator intervention is required until the solder ingots are removed. The cycle takes six minutes plus cooling time.

The new EVS 7000 and EVS 9000 are managed by an advanced microprocessor control system integrated into the cover structure. The clearly labeled facia includes function buttons, an LCD display and LED indicator lights.

EVS significantly enhances a facility�s ability to attain or retain the world environmental standard 14001 as recovering pure solder from waste dross fits in perfectly with the ISO 14001 mantra of RECYCLE � REDUCE � REUSE.

With the price of solder at a 20-year high EVS, with its extended range, can now offer the proven advantages of on-site recovery to all wave users from the one wave operator to the biggest multi-wave production facility.

EVS International will display the new EVS 9000 in booth number 263 of Sono-Tek Corporation of New York. Please visit to gain all of the relevant information including on-site calculation of your savings.

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