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  • ESSEMTEC to Introduce More Placement Efficiency with FLX2010-BLV at APEX 2008

ESSEMTEC to Introduce More Placement Efficiency with FLX2010-BLV at APEX 2008

Feb 29, 2008

Glassboro, NJ � Essemtec, a leading manufacturer of surface mount technology production equipment, announces that it will debut the FLX2010-BLV SMD pick-and-place system in booth 501 at the upcoming APEX 2008 exhibition and conference, scheduled to take place April 1-3, 2008, in Las Vegas.

FLX2010-BLV addresses both the requirements of prototyping and series production. The batch-type pick-and-place machine allows for faster loading/unloading of PCBs compared to systems without a conveyor. The system automates PCB handling like an inline machine but offers 50 percent more feeder capacity as a batch type. The FLX2010-BLV system is capable of processing small components (01005 chips) up to large-size PCBs (30.7x23.6").

The FLX2010-BLV pick-and-place system has been developed for users requiring more feeder capacity than inline systems can offer but prefer the convenience of an automatic transport system. The solution is a batch system with a one-side conveyor. The PCB is manually or automatically placed onto the conveyor, which drives it into the machine. The PCB automatically aligns itself by reading fiducial marks. After successful component population, the PCB is driven out to the same side of the machine.

On a batch-type system, three sides are free for component feeders, resulting in more than 50 percent more feeder capacity than available with inline systems. As a result, FLX2010-BLV can hold up to 225 components simultaneously. The advantages of a batch-type machine compared to a standalone machine are clear when processing PCBs. The machine hood does not need to be opened and closed each time and, because of the conveyor, PCB handling is faster and more secure. Handling also can be automated by connecting a de-stacker, a magazine handler or other handling modules to the conveyor.

FLX2010-BLV is part of Essemtec�s successful FLX series, which is designed for high-mix production. All feeders are intelligent and can be exchanged during machine operation, making product changeover easy, fast and secure. The graphics-based software concept supports an extremely easy machine operation so that usage and programming can be quickly learned. Also, programming is a painless task: CAD data of layout software can be directly converted in an appropriate assembly program. In the case that such a data set is not available, the components can be taught-in by means of an integrated camera.

The FLX Series pick-and-place machines are flexible systems that provide advanced solutions. They process all component types (chip, QFP, BGA, etc.) in all common sizes (01005 up to 50x50 mm) and from all package types (tape, stick, tray, special forms). The machines use image processing technology from world leader Cognex for alignment. Therefore, even a QFP with a lead pitch as small as 0.3 mm can be placed accurately. Machine speed is 5000 cph and the systems can process PCBs as large as 780x600 mm (30.7x23.6").

The FLX Series offers many modular add-ons. For instance, an integrated paste and glue dispenser can save stencil costs for prototyping and increase flexibility. Additionally, the MIS software package offers tools for production planning, feeder optimization and quality assurance, and enables the planning and control of the component stock. Connection to an existing ERP system also is possible.

With this machine, users also have access to Essemtec�s remote maintenance system and to the user portal on the Internet. Of great importance for the customers� decision and production planning is the save-investment program: in the case that the production requirements might change over time, Essemtec guarantees a fair price for the used machine, based on its age, in return for a faster piece of equipment. The existing assembly programs still can be used and the machine/user software is identical. Additionally, Essemtec offers attractive solutions for financing and service.

About the company:

Essemtec is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production equipment. Essemtec specializes in high mix production equipment for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) using Surface Mount Technology.

Essemtec is the only manufacturer to cover the entire production process, from Printers and/or Dispensers, to Pick-and-Place and Soldering equipment. Therefore, customers benefit from unparallel knowledge and the ability to select, from a single source, a complete process solution to meet their requirements.

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  • ESSEMTEC to Introduce More Placement Efficiency with FLX2010-BLV at APEX 2008
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