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AMS optimizes Line Performance

Feb 19, 2008

A-Series Assembl�on Manufacturing Suite (AMS) optimizes SMT Production Line Performance

Open-architecture modules interface seamlessly to create a single process control environment.

Release 2.0 of the Assembl�on Manufacturing Suite (AMS) optimizes production line performance of all Assembl�on Pick & Place machines. The open architecture package brings connectivity to factory automation software and enterprise-wide networks, creating an integrated platform for business optimization.

This leads to shorter design-to-production, and faster ramp-up for different products maintaining full control of the logistical flow. The open architecture of AMS means that customers can either use their own line and machine optimization software, or buy a complete package from Assembl�on. To simplify use of the open architecture, Assembl�on has created preconfigured setups and has established technical partnerships with several major software vendors in the industry.

The AMS modules streamline setup and manufacturing of both new and existing installations. They improve operational efficiency, giving greater control at machine and line level. Defect rates are lower, with improved setup assistance. The package also brings excellent process visibility, allowing tighter cost management, and optimized logistics flow.

Single process control environment

Global production operations and their suppliers must interact as one virtual enterprise in today�s increasingly interdependent supply chain. The A-Series AMS software helps by supporting the SMT manufacturing processes from data preparation all the way through to parts warehousing.

During the data preparation process a variety of CAD and BOM formats can be imported and edited. Offline part definition and verification modules shorten the time needed to introduce new products. Production scheduling tools reduce changeover by combining multiple programs in one setup. Setup verification assists with both inline and offline closed-loop setup creation and verification, saving time and avoiding errors.

Line control allows a single-click product changeover, providing remote line monitoring and operation. Parts library management provides central data storage of part/vision/feeder information and placement programs. Traceability helps minimize the cost of lot recalls and claims, and manages the production process and component warehousing. Performance analysis maximizes machine performance by storing and analyzing performance related data. Parts warehousing improves inventory management by reporting component usage, and status of new and empty reels.

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