SPIN PCB Solutions Adds Capabilities

Feb 11, 2008

SPIN PCB Solutions, a contract manufacturing firm in Hudson, NH, is proud to announce the addition of a Rework INC. XRI-1 X-Ray inspection system. The XRI-1 increases SPIN PCB's manufacturing offerings, by allowing inspection and verification of CSP's, BGA's, and QFN's. SPIN PCB had previously offered placement services of these types of components, but outsourced the X-Ray inspection, adding lead time and handling to the process. By adding X-Ray services, SPIN PCB will be able to offer these services in-house, improving internal quality and reducing handling and lead times.

SPIN PCB Solutions is a contract manufacturing firm specializing in short-run and prototype assemblies. They offer design/lay-out, fab, and manufacturing services, production quantites as small as one piece, and turns as quick as three days.

For more information, please contact: sales@spinpcb.com

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SPIN PCB Solutions Adds Capabilities

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