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Creative Automation Introduces Solutions for Biomedical Applications

Jan 23, 2008

SUN VALLEY, CA � January 17, 2008 � Creative Automation Company announces new solutions for automation and dispensing for today�s biomedical industry.

Creative Automation Company is the preferred choice for biomedical-related dispensing applications. When positional accuracy, reliability, flexibility and speed are required, Creative Automation Company is the right choice. The company integrates proven pump technology with reliable, user-friendly automation systems, giving customers powerful production capabilities. All applications are laboratory tested to ensure a successful process.

Additionally, the company offers standard and custom machines, benchtop dispensing and in-line conveyor systems.

Creative Automation Company sets the medical and electronics dispensing industry standard for accurate and reliable dispensing processes. Customers include Fortune 500 as well as smaller regional and local companies. The common thread is their desire to improve throughput and reduce waste.

The company�s newest solution for dispensing in the biomedical industry is the Champion 8300, which is a servo-driven, high-throughput automatic dispensing system designed for inline, conveyorized processes. The system provides precise, repeatable placement of dispense materials, and anti-static belts and height compliant clamps ensure accurate and secure positioning of parts. Standard features include 3-axis brushless servo motor drive; precision anti-backlash ball screw drive on all axis; high-speed conveyor; PowerPath � powerful, easy-to-use Windows-style software; LCD display; rugged construction and quiet operation; small footprint; SMEMA compatibility and CE certification; and full 1-year warranty.

The system also is available with the following optional features: vision system with camera image on the LCD display; auto vision alignment and dot verification; auto height mapping; independently controlled multiple dispense heads; contact or non-contact (laser) height sensors; leveling support plates, mechanical and vacuum; and substrate, needle, and material heaters.

PowerPath is the intuitive, easy-to-learn Windows-style software that makes programming simple while delivering powerful and intricate controls for the most challenging dispensing applications. Friendly pull-down menus are used for setup, file maintenance and supervisory control. Integrated vision provides programming assistance and placement verification.

For almost 40 years, Creative Automation Company has provided customers with automated manufacturing solutions. The company has set the industry standard in dispensing with more than 19 patents, developing innovative concepts based on proven, leading-edge technologies.

Contact Creative Automation Co. at 11641 Pendleton St., Sun Valley, CA 91352; (818) 767-6220; Fax: (818) 767-1243; E-mail:; Web site:

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Creative Automation Introduces Solutions for Biomedical Applications

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