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Agilent Technologies Presents Podcasts from the 2007 LXI Consortium Meeting

Dec 11, 2007

Four new podcast interviews were recorded at the 2007 LXI Consortium meeting which took place in Munich, Germany. Topics include:

LXI conformance testing - what goes on during conformance testing, concerns and experiences companies have as they go through testing, and how to find more information about the conformance test process.

A systems integrator discusses the advantages of using LXI instruments in systems. Also included, the use of LXI class A and B instruments to improve test system development.

Adoption of LXI class B, advantages to customers and how the new Agilent LXI class B trigger box can help GPIB and VXI instrument users get a taste of class B functionality.

Update from Bob Rennard, LXI Consortium President, and benefits of joining the LXI Consortium.

Available for listening immediately:

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