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  • FINETECH to present three world premieres at Productronica 2007 tradeshow

FINETECH to present three world premieres at Productronica 2007 tradeshow

Oct 30, 2007

At the Productronica 2007 tradeshow in Munich, FINETECH, long-time specialist in rework and micro assembly, will present three brand new product solutions.

The Video Microscope Workstation "FINEVIEW" allows for detailed inspection and analysis of small PCBs and components, i.e. for defect diagnostics, monitoring of rework results or repair-by-hand applications.

The system comes as an all-in-one solution including top camera, TFT screen, LED lighting, clamping support, laser pointer and multi-function control panel and offers up to 25x motorized zoom magnification. The operator can select between autofocus and manual focus to always get the most detailed picture of the desired section. Four integrated high-contrast Power-LEDs as well as brightness control provide shadowless illumination of the scenery.

The spacious working distance allows free handling and observation of the object and a magnified top view at the same time. This ensures natural and non-fatigue working. The optical system has been designed to widely reduce surface reflections when viewing from the top. This is advantageous when it comes to reading PCB laser inscriptions or inspecting surface cracks and scratches.

The stand-alone solution is completely PC independent for a maximum of freedom and easy usage. Of course, "FINEVIEW" can optionally be operated together with a PC to capture pictures or movies for documentation.

Not only "FINEVIEW" stands benefit to LED technology, FINETECH also offers new LED lighting solutions for vision alignment and process observation with FINEPLACER� systems. Compared to standard halogen lighting, LED technology provides several benefits, including high energy efficiency results in significantly reduced heat dissipation. Furthermore, they provide remarkably better luminance values (up to 400 Lumen) and a ten times longer lifespan than with standard halogen, making LED lighting the best choice to meet your rework and micro assembly challenges.

The new LED lighting 2x2 or 4x4 is recommended when working on large field or high magnification applications. The 2x2 LEDs ensure a consistent and near shadowless full area illumination of substrate and component. No matter what light intensity is selected, the colour temperature always remains stable. Because of its positive characteristics LED lighting is particularly suitable for use with CCD cameras.

FINETECH therefore offers optional LED lighting equipment for the Inspection Video Module �VARIO/ VARIOPlus�, as well as for the side camera. Using LED technology helps to illuminate the field of view evenly with maximum 2 x 50 Lumen. Low power consumption makes double LED lighting possible. Of course, existing �VARIO/ VARIOPlus� video camera modules or side camera modules can be easily retrofitted with LED lighting.

Another product highlight to make its world premiere at the Productronica 2007 will be the infrared start sensor for contactless board temperature measurement.

Perfect rework results are only possible when all parameters of the heating process can be reproduced reliably. For thick multilayers it is also possible to integrate software-controlled bottom heating into the process. However, the temperature of the PCB may vary under different external factors of influence. When carrying out bottom heating processes, different initial board temperatures would have an influence on the results if the starting point of the top heat process was not adapted. Therefore, it is recommended to use the infrared start sensor to ensure the process can be exactly reproduced under all circumstances.

Compared to conventional temperature measurement directly at the PBC, the new infrared start sensor offers several benefits: no in-process handling is needed during the process due to contactless infrared measurement and a laser pointer helps in finding the best measuring spot.

The infrared start sensor is characterised by an outstanding profile reliability of +/- 5 �C and allows for increased peak temperature accuracy. The PCB is only exposed to as much heat as is necessary to reduce thermal stress significantly. Of course, existing placer control boxes can also be retrofitted with the infrared start sensor.

Visit FINETECH at the Productronica 2007 in Munich, Gemany from Nov. 13th to Nov. 16th, 2007, booth number A3-375

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