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  • Juki Automation Systems to Display KE-2060RL with IFS-X2 at Nepcon East 2007

Juki Automation Systems to Display KE-2060RL with IFS-X2 at Nepcon East 2007

Oct 26, 2007

MORRISVILLE, NC - October 24, 2007 - Juki Corporation, a world-leading provider of automated assembly products and systems, announces that it will highlight the KE-2060RL High-speed Fine-pitch Assembler with IFS-X2 in booth 615 at the upcoming Assembly New England/Nepcon East exhibition and conference scheduled to take place October 30-31, 2007 at the Boston Convention & Exhibit Center.

KE-2060RL High-speed Fine-pitch Assembler is for reliable measurement of fine-pitch components. In order to measure both standard and delicate components, Juki has developed an extensive and extremely versatile lighting system (FlexLighting). The system uses three different illumination angles and colors. Optimum illumination is stored in the software database for all standard components. The operator can quickly adapt all parameters for new and special component types. The KE-2060RL also has a quadruple placement head with multi-nozzle laser alignment and multi-nozzle vision centering (optional MNVC), and can place 12,500 cph (IPC 9850) and 3,400 cph fine-pitch (with MNVC). Additionally, the system features a placement accuracy of �30�m (3 Sigma) for the high-precision head and �50�m (3 Sigma) with laser alignment. In addition to leaded components, the R Series machines can auto-teach BGA vision data (ball count, ball pitch, ball diameter, ball pattern, etc.) This can be used for BGA, FBGA and nonstandard BGAs (general vision components) with asymmetrical and random ball patterns. This feature is extremely successful because it dramatically simplifies BGA data entry, saving valuable time.

The KE-2060RL is part of a series and consists of numerous key benefits for users, including the following:

  • High rigidity and low vibration - The machine frame is formed from a single casting for which special materials were selected to grant vibration-free operation. This technology is unique to the SMT industry because it supports high speed and provides outstanding accuracy over the lifecycle of the system.

  • Fast and precise - Dual-axis motor drives provide maximum acceleration. The closed-loop positioning system with 2 �m resolution linear encoders ensure maximum positional accuracy. The system is resistant to dust and temperature changes. Both Z and Theta movements are controlled individually for each axis.

  • Ease of operation - The operating software provides a clear and simple menu structure that quickly enables the operator to easily control and program the system. Desktop icons facilitate the rapid access to all relevant parameters and the touch panel provides further ease of use.

  • Time saving and flexible - Tape feeders can be prepared and loaded to off-line trolleys while production is running. An innovative trolley design allows a complete changeover to be conducted in less than 30 seconds

  • Reliable identification of fiducial marks - To provide repeatable identification of fiducial marks even on flex-circuits and ceramic substrates, the lighting system has been enhanced. The new system uses multiple lighting angles where light intensity can be programmed individually.

The KE-2060RL offers users numerous options, including a height measurement system (HMS) that automatically measures the component height in the tape or stick at the pick position and saves the data in the placement program; component verification (CVS) that checks correct polarity for resistors, capacitors and 2-pin diodes and verifies these electrically; special nozzles; a rear operation unit; feeder position indicator (FPI); flex calibration system (FCS) that allows an automatic measurement of the machine and documents the accuracy of the system with the possibility to correct any deviations; and an auto-width conveyor (AWC) option that automatically adjusts the width of the PWB conveyor when a production file is opened.

In addition to the above options, KE-2060RL offers the following extra options: 3-D coplanarity check for all QFP leads and BGA balls as well as a high-resolution camera for vision centering of 0.3 mm pitch QFPs, CSPs, microBGAs and very small components.

Juki Corporation�s experience as the market leader in industrial sewing machines was the stepping-stone for the entry into the printed circuit board assembly market in 1987. Since then, Juki has delivered more than 17,000 automated assembly systems worldwide and is currently shipping an average of 200+ assembly machines per month. This extraordinary achievement makes Juki one of the world�s leading providers of automated assembly products and systems. In addition to its core technologies, Juki�s Electronic Assembly and Test Systems Division develops and manufactures advanced electronic systems and computer software for data entry, mail processing and other electronic equipment.

With the purchase of Zevatech�s assets in November 1999, Juki Automation Systems now brings Juki�s reputation for top quality and reliable service also to the North and South American and the European electronics assembly markets. Juki recognizes the challenges of the new century and is prepared to respond to the globalization of electronic manufacturing. With a sophisticated knowledge base, advanced technologies and a high commitment to its customers, Juki is poised for continued growth in the 21st century.

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  • Juki Automation Systems to Display KE-2060RL with IFS-X2 at Nepcon East 2007
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