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High-Tech Conversions to Premier THE AQUAVATORTM at Nepcon East 2007

Oct 22, 2007

High-Tech Conversions to Premier THE AQUAVATORTM at Nepcon East 2007 EAST WINDSOR, CT � October 22, 2007 � High-Tech Conversions Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality wiping products and a supplier of consumable items used in cleanrooms, assembly lines, laboratories and manufacturing, announces that it will introduce THE AQUAVATORTM stencil wiping fabric in booth 1017 at the upcoming Assembly New England/Nepcon East exhibition and conference scheduled to take place October 30-31, 2007 at the Boston Convention & Exhibit Center in Boston.

A revolutionary new development within the science of automatic stencil cleaning, the fabric offers numerous benefits over other stencil wiping fabrics � the main one being that to use THE AQUAVATORTM, users need only to add tap water. This is significant because it eliminates the necessity of using hazardous chemicals that are flammable and unhealthy for both people and the environment. Simply add water.

THE AQUAVATORTM features harmless cleaning agents embedded throughout the ESD fibers that aggressively clean the stencil. Water activates this cleaning agent and allows it to cut through solder paste with ease.

Besides being safer for people and the environment, the stencil wiper is safer for the stencil. Additionally, it eliminates spill concerns, flammability/explosion concerns, VOC issues, transportation concerns, shelf life concerns and the high cost of toxic chemicals.

THE AQUAVATORTM provides numerous benefits to users, including the following: Lead-free Compatible/Aggressive Cleaning Surface: Because lead-free solder paste is more difficult to clean, a more aggressive cleaning surface is necessary and has been developed. The unique fiber composition of THE AQUAVATORTM is conducive to cleaning and collecting the weakened solder paste between the deep crevices of its fibrous network. Also, the wiping fabric does not use weak, flat paper fibers that tend to push and smear. Instead, it is comprised of thick, coarse multi-oriented fibers that scrape and plow solder paste into the multitude of �nooks and crannies� that only THE AQUAVATORTM provides. This product cleans so aggressively that it actually can be used dry. Although using water activates the embedded cleaning agents for optimum results.

Vacuum Compatible: The fiber composition of THE AQUAVATORTM is designed to provide the highest possible porosity. This allows maximum utilization of the vacuum system on screen printers; therefore, solder paste removal from stencil apertures is fierce and extremely efficient.

ESD: Patent pending, THE AQUAVATORTM is the only stencil wiping fabric that is truly ESD. Companies spend millions of dollars making sure everything is ESD-safe within the assembly area. The simple action of rolling and unrolling non-ESD polyester/paper can cause static build-up on the roll that sits in the machine next to components. Furthermore, the wiping action on a metal stencil that sits in the middle of a nylon mesh also creates static. Arcing can and will occur under these conditions. THE AQUAVATORTM eliminates this dangerous static close to valuable circuit boards.

No Weak Paper/Tissue Fibers: Chances are if stencil-cleaning fabric is white, it probably contains weak, short paper fibers. These paper fibers act as filler between static-producing polyester fibers. These weak paper fibers are only held in place by weak hydrogen bonds that were produced as water was dried off when the paper was made.

About High-Tech Conversions Inc.

High-Tech Conversions manufactures a variety of wiping products and can supply virtually any type of consumable item used in cleanrooms, assembly lines, laboratories and manufacturing. Visit the Web site or contact the company directly to learn more. High-Tech Conversions is pro-active and able to respond quickly and accurately to customers' needs. The company offers high-quality products at reasonable prices and strives to be ultra-efficient to keep overhead costs low.

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